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  • Hey fellas...

    Alright guys.....I finally stopped procrastinating and joined the forum. I've turned here many times and piggy-backed much good advice. Now I need some more. At my wits end. I've ridden SS's last 10 yrs. Now an '03 Kat 600 has fallen into my lap. Fun to ride. I've dropped a tooth in the front, added 2 to the rear for obvious reasons I suppose. Rest is stock. I've done everything I can conventionally think of to get this baby's front end up besides a lil' bunny hop.
    I know most will say "get a gixxer" for that business, we'll I have and I do. But I can't let it go. Yeah Yeah it's long and heavy but I know there are better/nuttier riders out there that have the experience/know-how to pull this off (safely) haha...Your thoughts gentlemen??? thanks guys!

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    You already answered what we will say. It's just to damn heavy and under powered. FYI wheelies on a Kat will cost you fork seals and a damaged motor, the oil pump pickup is in the front of the engine. Drop a B12 motor in it..
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      +1 wrong engine for it. Put a 50t rear on it and you can raise it, but then you still have oil starvation issues and weak forks. You're going to want to put in beefier springs at a bare minimum. Sure you can do it....but...just not even close to an ideal bike for it.

      Also, just in case you weren't aware, going down a tooth in the front will make the chain wear out faster. Turning around the tighter radius puts extra strain on it.
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        Thanks Gents! I suppose I just needed to hear it from others to verify the inevitable. It was just for kicks. Thanks for responding though. And yeah I upgraded to a 520 Vortex Tri-Glide chain, and an Aluminum rear. I understand it will wear faster but again, it's for kicks and it's a nice ride.

        BTW... I didn't know the oil pick-up was in the front??? Thanks for that. I knew about forks taking a beating, but didn't think about seizing my engine due to lack of oil...(Always learnin' somethin' new from someone else)
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