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New Kat owner, long time rider, no mechanical exp

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  • New Kat owner, long time rider, no mechanical exp

    Hey all, I have been reading the forums for the last few weeks since the purchase of (at the time) was a great steal for a garage kept, never dropped (that I could tell from frame inspection) 1996 GXS 600 Katana. I got it for a good price, only has 12k miles on it, and looked and rode great with the exception of an idle issue. I rode it for the last 2 weeks, pretty much all weekend, and back and forth to the office a few times.

    All was well, until Friday evening when I was about 2 miles in on a ride with my buddy. All of a sudden it seemed "poppy" very little pickup unless revved to 9k and the problem persisted in every gear. I did not change a single thing since arriving home from work on it a few hours earlier.

    Long story short, I used the forums to help me navigate removing the tank and airbox to get at the carb. After an entire day outside in the sun (no garage) and half a day yesterday, lots of carb cleaner and syncing. I am stuck. I don't want to go into every detail of every adjustment made on he intro forum, but if anyone can direct me to the best forum or if someone feels they would like to give novice a hand, I'd appreciate it.

    The main issue at the moment, is I fixed the stuttering idle, but now it is stuck at 5K rpm idle, with the idle adjustment screw doing jack shit. I did check the throttle cable, no slack, vacuum is not 100%, but I don't believe it would cause that high of an idle.

    Sorry for Rambling. Great forum and community, any input accepted.

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    Welcome and yes it would.
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      No mechanical just described me! Ride safe!

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        Vaccum leak could definitely cause issues. Syncing with a vac leak won't do any good, need to find and fix the leak first.
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