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  • * Forum Rules *

    Welcome to! We're glad you found us! is a discussion forum for fans and owners of the Suzuki Katana. We are just getting started here and we hope you'll stick around to help us make this THE premier forum for Katanas.

    We do have a few basic rules that we would like to ask everyone to follow to make your forum experience with us as friendly and fun as possible.

    1)Absolutely NO FIGHTING!!!!
    There are plenty of other places on the internet you can go to sling mud at one another. We will not tolerate Flame wars, bad attitudes, holier than thous, or any other form of slander against other members. Everyone has the right to speak their mind and express their opinions. Everyone also has the right to ignore those opinions if they do not agree. If you have a problem with someone, take it to PM, a MOD or an Admin and we will handle it. Respect everyone the way you expect to be respected.

    2)Keep it clean!
    Motorcycling is an activity that should involve the entire family. Many of our members read the board while at work or at home with small children around. Please keep this in mind and keep your posts clean and vulgar free. We have set up a censor to edit most of the harshest words out of posts automatically but there are just too many to make a complete list. Threads on a non work/child safe topic should be marked as such. Moderate yourself or we will do it for you.

    3)Absolutely NO PORNOGRAPHY!
    There are 100 million places you can go find that content on the internet. is not one of them. Post Porn and be banned, no discussion, no second chance,
    No Exceptions.

    4)Signatures should be kept as small as possible.
    We prefer that you use only text and links. Pictures are allowed but must be NO MORE THAN 400x200. We appreciate people wanting to show off their ride with a picture in their signature but if you want a full page shot, please open your own website.

    5) reserves the right to edit and or delete any posting at any time without consent or notice. If we adjust your post, profile, or any other aspect of your visit here it is done in the best interest of the board in mind. All decisions of the management are final. Furthermore reserves the right to allow or terminate any membership at any time without discussion at our sole discretion. All members are here as GUESTS with a common interest.

    6)Businesses are required to register
    Business owners and other motorcycle professionals that would like to offer parts, sales or service to members MUST request permission before posting their services. All advertising must be preapproved by an admin and must meet the interest of Suzuki Katana Owners. At this time there is no charge for businesses who wish to advertise their services with us and we welcome your interest. To contact the forum management about advertising opportunities please send your request to

    7)No Spamming Please
    This board is growing. Please do not post the same question across multiple forums. The best way to get the answers you are searching for is to post a clear single question in the appropriate forum and be patient, Replies will come. If you are in a hurry for a particular answer try using the search button or reading through replies to similar questions. It may just contain the information that you need.

    8)For Sale Threads
    We have had multiple problems in the past with new users showing up, posting parts or items for sale and burning long time members. This is why we REQUIRE you to have a minimum of 50 posts in order to post for sale items. I realize this can be frustrating... but trust me, it's much worse for us when someone gets screwed.

    9)Discussion of illegal activity
    This is a broad topic, and not easy to list out all the who's and what's. The bottom line is that Katriders is not the place to discuss drugs, underage drinking, or any other topic which could be considered or controlled in the United States. This is a message board about motorcycles, not getting messed up.


    Thanks for taking a minute to read through our rules. We hope that you will find to be a friendly place that you can call "home". We look forward to exchanging ideas with you in this common interest and love we have for the Suzuki Katana. Please take a minute to introduce yourself and tell us about your bike. We're glad your here!

    PLEASE reserves the right to change, edit or modify these rules at any time without public notice as we exclusively see fit to best serve the needs and interest of our members. It is every members personal responsibility to check these rules frequently for updates and revisions and to act within their guidlines accordingly

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