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  • An Introduction

    Hey everybody,

    I've been lurking on the board for a couple of days and decided to go ahead and sign up because I have some questions.

    I am 22. I grew up in Orlando, but moved away from there a few years ago and now live in Auburn, Alabama. I do not have a bike at the moment, but that is my reason for joining up here. I am trying to decide on what bike to get. I've pretty much narrowed it down to either an SV650, or a Katana. I just have some questions to ask before I can make my final decision, so that's why I'm here. Also, if I end up getting a Katana, I'd love to stick around.


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    I too was choosing my first bike and had narrowed it down to the SV650S and the Katana. I ended up getting a 1999 Katana 600cc because I liked the looks better than a SV650S. I guess it depends whether you like the look of a naked bike or one with full fairing. Also, the Katana is heavier so its easier to keep on the ground.

    Welcome to Katriders and I hope you find what you need on here.
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      Even if you got the 650 you could still hang around

      93' 750, I just washed the bugs off, let's go for a ride!


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        Wewlcome to KatRiders!!!
        Hope we can help you out.
        Both bikes are great. I would hate to have to make that choice.

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          Hey Gman, welcome to KatRiders.
          I'd be kinda partial to the Katana
          Welcome to! Click here to register


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            No matter what you decide on, welcome to KR.

            Keep it simple.....1+1=2


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              Thank you all for the welcomes. It made me feel good to get back in from running some errands and having so many people saying hi.

              It is definately a choice to be made between the SV and the Katana. I've been hanging around on the SVRider board for a couple weeks now, and learned a lot about that bike, but I do really enjoy the look of a fully faired bike, but really one of the main things that is going to matter for me is size(I am 6'3" 240lbs), price, ease of maintenance and repair, and cost of insurance. I will be asking all these questions in the main board here in just a minute.

              Again, thank you all very much for the warm welcome. I look forward to getting the chance to know all of you.



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                welcome. obviously you are gonna get alot of katana votes here. if you can, go to a shop and sit on both bikes and see wich fits you best. I am a big guy too and went with a kat 750 for that reason. but i've been told the 600 has more than enough giddyup to haul someone our size.


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                  You said something about questions ? Being a Katana board ,some opinions may be biased , but we DO have quite a few SC riders here , too ...
                  I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

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                    welcome to KR! 8)
                    West of Germany
                    greetz Carsten


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                      Welcome to KR.
                      Keith Paton
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                        I kind of expect a biased opinion. I know everybody at the SV board is definately biased towards it. That's why I came over this way, because I want to hear the good points of both. I've never heard much about the Katana other than that's it's comfortable, and some bad things that some dude was spouting off about the suspension and stuff one day, but I'm hoping to get things settled by posting here.

                        I didn't get a chance to post on the main board yesterday, but will do so this evening. Take care everybody.


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                          Between those bikes it is a difficult choice to make. I had a 2004 SV650S and now I have a 2002 Katana 600. I've liked both bikes, but the Katana suits me better. The SV would make a great track bike, or canyon carver, but not the most comfortable commuter, which is pretty much what I do. It depends on what you're looking to do with the bike. Also on the SV my crotch would get really hot after about 30 minutes, which was just really uncomfortable. I didn't care for that at all. My crotch is much happier so far on the Kat.
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                            Here are a few things to consider with both bikes....

                            The SV is a V-Twin, it will hit its Tourqe peak a lot quicker than the kat. It will wheelie a lot easier (including into a 12 o'clock wheelie that will then total your bike - had a freind do that with his). The SV is a real fun bike, bt not as comfy as the Kat. It is also a good size bike for a rider of your size (I am 6'5", and thought the SV650 was a nice size). The SV is Water cooled, and fuel injected. Newer technology.

                            The Kat is a lot more comfy, specially on longer rides. The Kat is a inline 4cyl. It is oil cooled and based off the old oil-cooled gixxer engines, and it is carberated. Older technology. But it is still very reliable technology. It is not a wheelie machine, but great for beginers, more so than the SV.

                            So go see about taken each for a test spin, try to get a feel for which bike suits you more. The seating on the SV felt kinda funny to me, the way the seat goes into the tank. Get which one fits you best, and make the decision all on your own.

                            On a side note, I will be moving down to Grand Bay Al in September, its about 25 minutes out of Mobile. Even if you get the SV, stick around, lots of info here, and keep in touch, I'll go riding with ya!
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                              Thank you all again for the continued information.

                              I'd love to go riding with you some day Lou I have limited financial resources for my motorcyle endeavor, but am hoping to get something sorted out soon. Where are you moving from? I've loved Alabama so far. They like to tax you a bit too much here I think, but other than that, I love it, especially Auburn. Where else can I live out in the country on 80 acres, yet drive 8 minutes to my electronics supervisor job? It's awesome.

                              I had heard the SV called a small bike by some, that's why I didn't know if I would fit well on it, but if a 6'5" guys says it's a good size, I'll take your word for it

                              I guess I'm pretty anal about what bike to choose because like I mentioned, I don't have a ton of money to throw around and whatever bike I get is going to have to last me for a little while until I can get the funds together to get another.

                              My priorities for a bike are:
                              - Initial price of the bike
                              - Reliability
                              - Longevity
                              - I'd like it to be as comfortable as possible
                              - I really like a full fairing, but I guess I could settle for the naked if I go towards the SV
                              - I do not plan on getting squidy, but I'd like something with some oomph. Something that can be a lot of fun and really move when I want it to. I love the feeling of acceleration.
                              - Somewhat agile
                              - Not a monster to insure

                              There's probably things in there that contradict each other, but those are the things that come off the top of my head when I think about a motorcycle that I would like to have.

                              About how long to Katana's last. When you all say oil cooled, how does that work? Is it kind of like air cooling? If so, do they tend to want to overheat in traffic?