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Alright picked up the kat today *Updated with PICS*

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  • Alright picked up the kat today *Updated with PICS*

    Well I got the kat today.
    Its a 96 600 with a 750 transplant and full v&h exhaust.

    It was weird driving it as its only my second bike and my first was a heavy old 1985 zx900 aka gpz900r

    I personally liked the handling on the 900r and it will take some getting used to the kat before I can really comment on it.

    I did take some freeway runs and was able to pull up the front end effortlessly, I was mighty impressed.

    I rolled on 1st gear while getting on just trying to get a feel for the bike and by the time I let off I felt the front end smack down and notice I pulled a small wheelie without even trying. Exciting considering I had to pop the clutch on the old 900r.

    I hate the positioning of the rearset and brake and shifter. I always kinda lose them, they just dont feel right to me for some reason, Ill have to look them over in the morning when its light out to see why Im missing them.

    Gonna go for a nice long ride tonight and even pick up the ol lady and see what she thinks.

    Heres the pics. I have some gsxr mirrors going on soon.
    So far I have a fender eliminator, chopped tail, blue neons, and a bunch more to come for body mods.

    The frame and rims are going back to black, gloss black.
    The body will most like end up with this paint job.

    or this one

    No thats not airbrushing, the paint does that all on its own.

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    Welcome to KR!!
    Keith Paton
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      welcome, just give it some time and the placment of the brake and shifter will become second nature.


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        Welcome to KatRiders, glad you introduced yourself!!
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          welcome. let's see some pics!


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            Welcome to KR.

            Keep it simple.....1+1=2


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              Welcome to KR.. ride safe, congrats on the cool ride!


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                Welcome to KatRiders!!

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                  Hola and welcome!

                  Wait to you really start getting on it and the wheel comes up
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                    West of Germany
                    greetz Carsten


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                      Welcome to the forum man, post some pics of your Kat to take a look.
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