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  • Intro's and q's...

    Good morning all. I just signed onto Katriders this AM so I thought I should say hi.

    I ride...well...did ride...a 1990 Katana 600...until I crashed it...

    Now I am in the process of fixing it and the last part I need is the front forks. On the left hand side, I've busted the very bottom tip of the fork off, so instead of surrounding the bolt (which attaches to the tire), the fork just sits on the bolt...

    Does that make sense to anyone?? I don't know tons about bikes, just like to ride them. Anywho...I'll try to get a picture...and if anyone has any ideas that would result in me NOT buying a brand new fork for lotsa money...I'd appreciate any comments.

    I took it to a welder who said he could machine a part and weld it on...but wasn't sure how strong it would be...b/c it's aluminum and welding aluminum makes it weaker...told me it probably wasn't a good idea

    I'd be interested to hear what anyone has to say.

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    1. are the forks straight?
    no sense fixing bent forks..

    2. don't bother repairing this part.
    It see way too much stress to be safe..

    3. E-bay

    4. E-bay..

    Look for a set of forks or one leg (I have seen one leg listed) the fork tube don't need to be good if yours are (the shiny parts) all you need is a good lower. Swaping this part is pretty easy. A shop
    could rebuild your forks and do it at the same time.
    or you could do it in about 2 hours..
    Replacing this part is the best thing...
    And with this part used is good...


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      yeah - the forks are straight...i think if I can just replace the outer tube, it should correct the problem. Maybe...I'll check out ebay for that...


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        Here is what you need...

        I bet you can sell off the parts you don't need..

        I would be interested in the triple trees..


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          excellent. I'll check it out and let you know. Thanks again.


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            Welcome nire, as you see Katriders can be very helpful (specifically black peter )
            Glad to see you found us, and join the large group of Canadians on here
            Welcome to! Click here to register


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              welcome to KR!
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                Originally posted by Katgirl
                Welcome nire, as you see Katriders can be very helpful (specifically black peter )
                Glad to see you found us, and join the large group of Canadians on here
                Oh man!!! I didn't notice nire was Canadian!!!
                *grumble never would have help 'em gumble grumble*


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                  Greetings and welcome
                  Ok, no more mister nice guy, i've met the guy in the street, and he's a wanker.


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                    welcome to kr! PM SpecialK, he might be able to help you out with getting some forks as well. he is our local parts guy here on KR, as well as owner.

                    Welcome to Katriders! Click Here to Register

                    RIP ROB (AKA BREEZE)


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                      Welcome to KR .. let us know how u make out w/ the forks.


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                        Welcome to the forum Nire, post some pics.
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                          Originally posted by Tito750
                          Welcome to the forum Nire, post some pics.
                          thanks for all the welcomes. I posted the very first pic of my bike i ever took, and apparently the only one I have in my posession. It'll have to do for now.


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                            Welcome to KR.
                            Keith Paton
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