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    I'm a first time rider,and i've a 96 kat 750. i feel it to big for me. Or maybe just alittle scare of it. What do i do? lil kim from cols, oh

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    Hey Lil Kim. Welcome to KR. First and foremost, take the Basic Rider Course through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). That may help if you haven't ridden before. If you have, then it just takes practice, practice, practice. Start off in the neighborhood and work your up. Good luck!
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      It is a lot of bike to start with but not impossible. The Kat is very forgiving, but VERY heavy for a new rider to learn on. Depending on your height there may be things that can be done to give you a little more leverage to hold it up. I think that is one of the most intimidating things about learning(simply holding it up). If the bike is perfectly upright, a 300lb bike and a 1200lb bike are no different to hold. Some very small people ride some very big bikes and vice-versa. The BIGGEST key is to do everything smoothly until you get the feel of it(accelerating,braking,turning,ect.). I suggest getting some friends(capable of holding the bike up when you need it or able to help you pick it up if/when you drop it) to go with you to a large vacant(or nearly vacant) parking lot and start slow. Friends with a prior knowledge of bikes would be of a great benefit. My wife is a VERY new rider and I am sure she would be more than happy to share some of her experiences and thoughts with you. "Tinkerbell" is my wife and there are a lot of columbus area riders as well. We are only a few hours away and would be happy to help out if we can. PM me or my wife if you'd like her take on startin out.. And as already said, if you haven't taken the MSF,, then do what you can to get into one. Stay safe and ALWAYS wear a helmet at the very least, no matter how slow you plan on practicing.
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        Columbus is a great place for Katriders.... welcome!

        Welcome to! Click here to register
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          hi! just keep practicing, and if you dont feel to comfortable on the roads too much yet take it to an empty parking lot and test it more and more. Also like everyone says get to taking that MSF course, I have not, so Im like crusin for a brusin because of that...hope not though


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            Welcome to KR! The MSF done wonders for me and I had a good time. Just take it slow and at YOUR pace. If you have questions just ask or shoot me a pm. The members on KR are great with advice.

            Take care and stay safe.

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              GL on the kat im learning on a 96 600. so far so good 900 miles no drop yet


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                Welcome to KR!
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                  Welcome and +1(a whole bunch) on the MSF course! There's too many riders out there who think that since we call it a bike it's 'just like riding a bike'. It's not! Someone taught you how to drive a car, now let someone teach you how to ride a motorcycle.

                  The 750 is a bit bigger and heavier than I normally suggest for a first-time rider but it's do-able if you're careful and mature. I've been riding for 20 years and the 750 is just about the perfect size for me. Enough power to make me grin, big enough to do distances but still small enough that it's not too much work to ride around town. If you're realistic about it you've already got the bike you'll want to be riding years from now. Enjoy!
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                    how old are you?


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                      Welcome to KR.


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                        Welcome to KatRiders

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                          welcome to KR!
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                            Welcome to KR lil Kim!! I'm just east of you in Newark but work in Westerville. Lots of people from C-Bus on here. +1 on the MSF course.
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                              Welcome to KR! Go slow and learn at your own pace, don't feel like you gotta keep up with anyone else.

                              Originally posted by jetmerritt
                              Save up for great gear and dress for the fall before you ride. If you can't afford good quality gear, don't ride. It's like saying you can't afford seat belts for your car. There are just no laws to make gear mandatory.