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Oh forgot to say hi from NY

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  • Oh forgot to say hi from NY

    I've been here for 2 weeks and I forgot to say hi.

    Hi Hi.

    I'm from N.Y. and I just started riding. I take my MSF course next week, and i have my permit, bike registered and insured; passed inpsection yada yada.
    Anyways, I bought my bike 3 weeks ago. 2000 Katana 600cc. 3750 miles.
    I had to replace the battery ($70), rear tail light ($20), tag light ($12), left blinker bulb ($10 shop guy ripped me off!) , and I have to replace the choke cable ($20) next week. The 3 piece undercowling is broken but that's no big deal. Other than that the bike is fine.
    So far I've rode to the beach (30 minutes), to work (15 minutes), and around town. I still need to practice shifting smoother and leaning, but otherwise I think I'm getting there.

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    Howdy NY!


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      Welcome aboard! Whereabouts in NY? I'm in the northeast corner, near Canada and VT.
      I miss my Gixxer

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        Welcome aboard NY.
        it's my opinion......that's what makes it mine..

        Toronto Canada that is


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          Glad to see You're doing just fine Scott, welcome to KR!
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            Welcome to Katriders Scott!!
            Welcome to! Click here to register


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              Welcome KR!
              93' 750, I just washed the bugs off, let's go for a ride!


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                New York like NYC, or Upstate? Whereabouts?


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                  Hi Scott, welcome to KR!!
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                    Sorry for the delay, was out riding

                    I'm about 30 minutes from N.Y.C. (Westchester County)


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                      West of Germany
                      greetz Carsten


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                        Welcome to KatRiders!!!

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                            welcome scott!

                            Im a bit north west of you, but not too far. Im in sullivan county, give me a shout if you ever head up to the middletown area. I try to get down there friday nights for the car/bike show at boston market off of 211.

                            unfortunatley i cant ride at the moment due to a sprained wrist, but give me a few days and ill be right as rain.



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                              im 15mins south of middletown, ny

                              its at boston market that car/bike show now? i remember it use to be at mcdonalds
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