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New Kat Owner from Las Vegas!!!!!!

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  • New Kat Owner from Las Vegas!!!!!!

    Just wanted to say HI to everyone from Sin City! I bought a 2000 Katana 750 a couple months ago and LOVE it! Each time I get on it, the better it gets. SO happy with the purchase. Even the 115 degree weather hasn't stoped the riding.... Just have to go faster to stay cool! Once, 120mph on open straight-away in the desert - not saying it was smart to do, but wanted to get close to the upper end at least once.......

    I JUST bought a K&N air filter, Yosh RS3 slip-on, and a Dynojet Stage 1 jet kit. They got delivered last night (YEAH!!!) and all I have been thinking about at work today is getting home to start working on it!

    Any general tips on these mods (above) from anyone? Any other recomendations for some cool performace upgrades? Going to put in some synthetic oil next to deal with the higher temps in town.

    BTW - most of the stereotype about Vegas are true! I don't date a stripper, but I do have a showgirl! But I got her BEFORE the bike (even though it could have helped!) She is in the Sires of TI show - so come check it out in Vegas!!!!

    Also, TallKatRider - means I'm 6'8" former beach volleyball player with a Kat (of course).

    Thanks for having me!
    Punch'n out...

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    Welcome to Katriders, now we have someone to hook up with in Vegas!!
    Welcome to! Click here to register


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      Welcome to KR
      93' 750, I just washed the bugs off, let's go for a ride!


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        Welcome to the forum man, i'm sure its fun to ride your kat through sin city at night.
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            Welcome to KR, Now pimp that Bike and post some pics.


            Pre 98's Rock!




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              West of Germany
              greetz Carsten


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                You will prolly use the smaller jets in your kit there since you are only putting on a slip-on with the K&N, but keep the other jets incase you get a full system down the road!
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                  Welcome to KatRiders!!

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                    Thanks all for the welcome!

                    Got the mods done on Friday night - stayed up till about 1:00am then HAD to test them out! Had a few scary moments, like when I stripped a couple of the stupid phillips head screws on the carb caps. Had to get a tiny grinder, cut a groove and turn them into a standard head just to get them out - I was sweat'n, and it wasn't because it was 108 out....

                    I buttoned it back up to just to ride it, but I will take it apart again and replace the screws with some allen heads in case they get stubborn in the future.... got the size from sources on this site - thanks.

                    But the mods made more of a diffenece than I could have imagined! The bike seemed quick enough before, but man, it rocks now! I should have eased the throttle a little more the first time out, but couldn't resist, and the bike almost left me behind! Awesome!!!!

                    The jet size seems to work out perfect, I got a recomendation (from Dynojet - located in Vegas btw) to use the 118 size jets for the set up - I still have the 122 if I get the full system...

                    I'll get some pics up soon and thanks again for the welcome!


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                      welcome. have fun on that new kat. if I ever get to vegas i'll be sure to see the gfs show


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                        Quick question for a moderator - I want to take pics of the bike this weekend and put them up. Should I put them here or start a new topic under pics....


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                          Welcome to KR.
                          Keith Paton
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