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  • Hiya!

    Well after the theft of my prized tracked busa Im back on the intown kat.

    Its an '00 w 15k on it. It hadn't been ridden much over a couple miles a week for errands since the busa came in the picture 2yrs ago(put 34k on it.)

    After some resussitation w the carbs, cleaning out old gas, putting on some tires, etc. Im about to go again. I have been riding it w a bad chain but sprockets/chain are next on the list.

    Im a very active member w the same screen name on local Houston websites; but there aren't very many katana-friendly groups in that area. Must say my usual group of 100 plus rider friends are a little surprized to see the Kat passing them on our rides/etc. Its been a fresh breath of air coming off the heavy busa(although the k7gsxr6 is still much lighter I ride.)

    I do have questions and hoping to get some ideas from the knowledgeable peeps on here; Im wondering if there are any known rear set kits to lift the assembly for ground clearance. Also, if a 105 deg front rake can be maintained by lifting the rear end w dogbones and how much. The other mod(minimum) Im considering is raising the seat just a little and adding a steering dampener to the front.

    The other consideration was to go streetfighter or use some BMW car bixenon lenses to have a single center headlight and making flat plastics along the whole side, cutting the rear tail after the rider's seat and going w a simple fiberglass paneling.

    Here is is lowered for some friends that use to ride on it. Nothing modded significantly over stock. I remade a lexan lense an exgf broke off by dropping the bike. Since these pics its been lifted back up.

    parade lap(2 yr old tires, just got it running the day before lol)

    And since I thought you all would appreciate it, this is a 125rider group led by my katana for a memorial ride for a dear fallen friend. We went down the twisty roads of the forest to our favorite backroad 3090. Unfortunately the roads are very tretourous and most riders, regardless of our 15 minute post ride talks, roadking formed rides, three paced groups etc, ride over their heads. The roads usually claim one rider down a ride; consistantly twice a weekend for the last couple years.

    So always gear up, ride safe.

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    Welcome to KR. How's Harris County these days? I grew up in Cypress but the last time I was back there I hardly recognized the place!
    Wherever you go... There you are!

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      Welcome to KR. Beautiful bikes; sorry to hear about your busa, though. That paint scheme is stunning!


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        You can put in a B12 , early GSXR11 , or Busa shock , and that'll raise the rear close to 2" , depending on said shock . Pretty close to direct bolt on . Busa shock requires moving rearward of battery box , GSXR11 shock requires slight grinding of the center link (I did this . cake ) , and B12 requires ..... something , I can't remember . But all of these shocks are also supposedly better than the Kat shock , so 2 birds & all that .
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          Welcome to KR! thats one sharp looking kat
          1999 Katana 750


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            welcome back

            sorry to hear about the busa. Nice looking kat you have there.


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              Nice looking Kat. Welcome!
              =USAF= Retired

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                Welcome to KR!
                Think safe, ride safe.


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                  Welcome to KatRiders

                  I moved to Michigan from Spring,Tx two years ago
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                    Welcome to KR
                    THE DOC
                    RIP MARC......Ride on in Heaven Brother!
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                      Very nice tribute vid.....Welcome to KatRiders!!


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                        Thanks everyone for the invites.

                        Would 2" in the rear be too steep?

                        My other problem is dampening on the front suspension; I'd like it stiffer. I havent even checked spring rate w me on it but the bike dives far too much.


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                          The DAMPING does seem to be the weakest point on the Kat suspenders both front & rear . You CAN either make a slightly longer spacer , or stack washers in the fork to cut the dive . I have almost no dive in mine now . Kinda ghetto , but whatever works . But yeah , the springs ARE kinda soft . Less than $100 nets you some in better suited to "sporty" riding . Something in the 90-95kg range depending on weight ...
                          No idea about the rake angle/trail , though. Many on here have used the B12 shock , and have nothing but good to say about it . Believe one dude ("dood" in Canada , I think ) runs his at a trackday once in a while ....
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                          I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

                          Katrider's rally 2011 - md86


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                            Welcome! I had the same Kat...with the blue boobies, too!
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                              Welcome from North Texas...

                              Glad to have you, enjoy your stay....

                              Take a Spin With The KR Mascot...