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Noob 97 katana naked $500.00

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  • Noob 97 katana naked $500.00

    Hello! Just thought I would drop in and say hello. I just recently bought my first street bike. It is a 1997 Suzuki Katana 600 with a street fighter sort of look. I bought it from a friend for $500.00. It needs the carbs cleaned, and a new key made. Other than that it should be a fun build. It already has a Yoshimura 4-1 exhaust, and a street fighter front end, spike bar ends, and some other stuff.

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    Welcome ~

    All you want to know is right here ~


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      welcome to kr
      1992 katana 600f "working progress"


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        I posted a couple of pics in My Photos, but I don't know how to upload them on a post? any suggestions.


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          host the pics on image hosting site such as photobucket
          click "insert image" and paste the url of the pic
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            Welcome to KR
            wow that is a really really nice lloking bike, just needs some tlc. Lots of potential for that ride my friend
            1999 Katana 750


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              Here are some pics of the bike

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                Welcome to KR.


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                  Welcome to KatRiders!!Bike look awesome even stripped down!Good luck!!


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                    Welcome to KR, from south eastern OR.
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                      Are you planning on keeping it a street fighter?...

                      If so, I'd like to offer a suggestion on a mod. Move the support braces for the sub frame up higher (requires cutting and welding) but that would totally open it up alot more around the rear tire under the seat area, and give it just that much more of a great look.

                      Nice bike man!

                      93 750 Kat

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                        welcome to KR


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                          I hate to be the guy who ruins the fun with a safety comment, but it appears that there is no upper triple tree on your bike, which could potentially be pretty dangerous because of how much stress is put on the lower tree and the fork tubes. You don't want to crash because your front end folds up the first time you hit a decent pot hole or pull a small wheelie. In my opinion: the first mod should be and "un-mod", and put the top triple tree back on. I'm not saying this to be a pain in the a$$, trust me I like to push my luck and I've had more than my share of crashes (luckily not on my Kat yet), but I certainly wouldn't trust the forks like that. I've been riding motorcycles and dirt bikes since I was about ten, (which still only gives me ten years experience), and I'm a third year student at WPI with a major in mechanical engineering; therfore I'm not trying to act like I know everything, but from my experience that just isn't safe.


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                            I do have the upper tripple tree, but it is off at the moment, so I can go get a key made. I bought some rear plastics for the bike, and also bought a rear cowl fairing from a 08 cbr600rr for $10.25 off of ebay. I plan on cutting the stock fairings and fabricating it to fit. But we will see.


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                              Welcome! Nice score. Keep up with the pics as you mod it.
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