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1984 Kat750 Pop-up

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  • 1984 Kat750 Pop-up

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for this site, have just come across it and hope to increase my knowledge and gain some ideas.

    I have a 1984 750 Pop-up Kat, have always like the early 1100's and was thinking about buying one when this one chose me. A friend of a friend had heard a liked Katanas and told me he had this one sitting in his garage unlicensed was i interested. It cost me a new back tyre and horn to get it licensed so it turned out to be a great deal.

    That was about 6yrs ago and in the last couple of years it has become my daily transport, when i purchased it the colour scheme was yellow frame and wheels with blue fairing. (I believe it was based on the suzuki racing colours?) I have toyed with the idea of turning it into a streetfighter style but am now thinking of keeping it looking original but trying to retro (increase the rear tyre width, new front forks, larger front wheel etc) it. She is a bit battered and worn now but still goes strong. When it's a bit more respectable i'll post some photos.


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    I'm just curious, what is a pop-up kat?
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      Sorry Joe, it has a pop-up head light


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          Welcome to KatRiders Trees.
          Those 750 Pop-up Kats where some of the best looking Kats in my opinion.

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              welcome to KR!
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                Welcome to KR!
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                  welcome to KR


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                    Welcome to KR!

                    I agree, I really like the looks of the older pop up headlight Kats...

                    Don't be bashful, post some pics now. If your planning on making some changes and mods, we all would love to see the before. That way we have a much better idea of what went into the After when you post pics of that.

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                      Welcome to KR....
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                        Welcome to KR
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                          Welcome to KR
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                            welcome to katriders


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                              Welcome! Ya...lets see some pics! A battered bike is a sign of someone using it. That's nothing to be ashamed of!
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