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  • newbie from PA

    hey all, just thought i would stop by and say hi. i just got my first bike recently. Its a 1995 katana 600 w/ 17000 miles. from what i have been told, its going to treat me well. one of my uncles buddy's was selling it and he knew i was in the market. i really couldnt pass up the it for $1100. i have yet to see it but my uncle is knowledgable in the motorcycle field since way before i was born (20 years).

    a lil bit about my experince. i have ridden dirtbikes a quads for as long as i could remember. the moment i got my Drivers license @ 16, i applied for my motorcycle permit and with in a month i had my Motorcycle endorsement on my DL. 4 years later, im finally getting my first bike that is mine. A bunch of my close friends have some real nice bikes. theres an 01 R1, 2 '05 gsxr750's, and a brand new r6. i have ridden all of these bikes and i absolutely love them.

    2 reasons i got a kat. 1) the price and miles...i really couldnt beat the price for this great working machine. 2) i dont need all that power that the race replica bikes produce right now. i just want to have something to tool around in and cruise with my buddies, even if they are faster. its just nice to ride.

    i have 2 other vehicles i can drive too, a 99 merc. sable and an 03 mustang gt. pretty good for a 20 year old. lol. not trying to brag but i am greatful to have what i do.

    only pic i have right now.

    and another one of my toys lol, its actually my lab supervisor's that he built in college but lets us drive it, im apart of an SAE club

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    Welcome to the Club...What part of PA are you from?


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      Grats on the new bike, and welcome to KR!

      93 750 Kat

      Modified Swingarm, 5.5 GSXR Rear with 180/55 and 520 Chain, 750 to 600 Tail conversion, more to come. Long Term Project build thread

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        welcome to kr!


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          -2000 "750"


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            welcome to kr
            Slow is smooth and smooth is fast


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              Welcome PureStang to KatRiders.
              You have some nice toys.
              That racer looks to be some fun.
              West or East of 220/99?
              2006 Black N Gold Katana 750.
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                Welcome, nice bike!
                2006 GSXR 600 Gone to Gixxer heaven
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                  Welcome to KR!
                  =USAF= Retired

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                    Originally posted by JaxKat View Post
                    Welcome PureStang to KatRiders.
                    You have some nice toys.
                    That racer looks to be some fun.
                    West or East of 220/99?
                    west of philadelphia. and that formula car is fun.

                    thanks for the welcome!


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                      Pennsylvania Katriders dominate this site. Welcome (just be weary of the Canadians).
                      "Men will get no more out of life than they put into it."


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                        welcome pureStang your gonna like this place!! What part of Pa?
                        that Kart looks like a party on wheels!! what size engine does it have in it?
                        The newest addition to the Family!
                        stop by the garage for a better look!


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                          hello and welcome...


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                            Nice bike welcome to KR


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                              welcome to KR, you to can now be a skidmark, i know i am,and i like it!

                              dam, ive moved to chickenstrip status,alright
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