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New Owner from Savage, Minnesota!

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  • New Owner from Savage, Minnesota!

    [Austin Powers]Allow myself to introduce... Myself[/austin powers]

    Hi all - my name is Rob Bartlett. I'm 26 and live in Savage, MN.

    I've been a motorcycle & ATV enthusiast for about 15 years now. My 1st cycle was a 1975 Suzuki GT185 (street bike) that I used on trails for a number of years. I still own the GT185 and my wife uses it whenever she gets the chance.

    Last year I nearly purchased a (newer body style) damaged Kat 600 from a local "salvage" auction (they specialize in bank repos & insurance writeoffs), but it sold for a bit more than I had to spend. So instead I picked up a cheap Honda VLX 600 that had been customized (I know... completely the other end of the spectrum).

    It was fun while I had it, but a week ago this past Sunday I was out cruising around when I came across a red '92 Kat 750 that was parked on a side street with a for sale sign (asking $1800). I spoke to the owner for awhile and told him I'd get back to him later if I could come up with some money. So last week I put my Honda up on Ebay - and received a cash offer from a guy in St.Louis who said he'd drive up to get it this past weekend. He arrived with a wad of cash & a trailer.

    So yesterday (Sunday) I drove over and took the Kat for a quick test drive, did the paperwork, and I'm now the proud owner of a 1992 Katana 750!

    The bike is in decent shape. It's got about 17.5k miles, has new tires, new clutch, & new brakes. He also threw in a tank bag, seat net, spare set of mirrors (left mirror is loose) and an additional spare tire (although he mentioned that it was a different size). It runs pretty well, but could use a tune up - as it sometimes dies when stopping. In general In the next week or two I'll probably go through it and do some general stuff (fluids, filters, lube, plugs, & maybe tune the carbs a bit).

    In the long run, I plan on stripping the body down, doing a bit of minor repair (it appears that the bike fell over while sitting still - just some minor scratches on the right side), and painting it Jaguar Racing Green to compliment my car (1987 Pontiac Fiero GT - my other automotive passion)

    I'm looking forward to checking things out around here - and possibly meeting some other Kat enthusiasts!

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    Nice bike.

    That green is going to look great on the bike.
    92 Katana 600 Project bike
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      Nice! Good luck with it.
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        Thanks guys... while you're reading - any suggestions as to where I could locate a tan seat cover? Or should I just have one made?


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          Welcome to Katriders, nice rides!!!
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            Welcome to KatRiders!!!
            Wow that is a great looking Kat!!
            I agree that green will look sweet on your kat!!

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              OMG, a FIERO.....the 80's called...they want their car back!

              Just kidding....looks good, especially the green, but I would leave the bike stock...if you are going to paint it, get another set on e-bay (who cares what colour) and SELL or keep the STOCK original ones, don't ruin a perfectly good set...I am sure many members would LOVE to swap you their set.


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                LOL - yeah, I've been keepin' the 80's alive with that car for 10 years! That and I've been running around with that crowd for the same lenght of time. They're kind of an addiction to themselves.

       for not painting the stock set - I'd have no problem selling/trading my set for a less-than-perfect or mismatched set (when I get to that point - probably not until this winter at soonest) - even some with minor flaws, as I did all the bodywork on my car on my own. The Left side (as shown) is quite nice, but there is some curb rash on the right side & lower where the PO (previous owner) dropped it sideways while stopped (scratches are vertical, not horizontal). Never gave much though to that - thanks for the suggestion


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                  Welcome to KR.

                  By the way do you have a mullet to go with the fiero?
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                    Welcome to the forum, Rob. I get the feeling I know you from somewhere

                    Originally posted by Range
                    OMG, a FIERO.....the 80's called...they want their car back!
                    Watch it Range :P
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                      Greetings and welcome ,make sure it's British raceing green,dark not light
                      Ok, no more mister nice guy, i've met the guy in the street, and he's a wanker.


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                        welcome and greetings!
                        West of Germany
                        greetz Carsten


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                          Welcome Rob to KR. Nicccee bike you got.
                          Keith Paton
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                            Welcome Fellow Minnesotan! Nice look'n cat you have there! Get her road worthy, and come hang with the Brit (Ne-Oublie) and the Smart-Arse (UFO8MyCow... a.k.a. Corey)
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                              Thanks all for the warm welcomes!

                              Originally posted by UFO8MyCow
                              Welcome to KR.

                              By the way do you have a mullet to go with the fiero?
                              nope... not my style! And it's generally the "Camaro-Bird" drivers who have kept their mullets!

                              I took this photo about 2 1/2 years ago - but I still pretty much look the same

                              naskie18 - yeah, you seem familiar too... do you happen to have a mullet?
                              (actually, naskie is the one who pointed me in this direction!)

                              ne-oubile - it's basically a metallic form of BRG.

                              SweetLou - what part of the area are you guys from? And do you ever get together and hang out along the way?