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    Hello Kat riders!! I need help. I want to do some mod's to my 2002 Katana. Does anyone have any suggestions on which pipe I should buy? Also, I would like to know about jetting. Can anyone give me an idea of how much power I'm going to pick up with a pipe and a jet kit.

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    50 hp


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      Seriously!??! What type of pipe and jet kit did you install to get such great numbers?


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        only a Hindle will do that...


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          PM me for Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning, pilot screw o-rings and washers and mercury refills

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          The most efficient way to turn gasoline into noise without the biproduct of horsepower


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            dont forget high performance blinker fluid, the reduction in friction will in turn save you power evertime you use hte blinkers so you get a hotter spark and more power to your coils and plugs walmart has it


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              Paint it yellow - EVERYONE says YELLOW is FASTER!
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                and yellow is faster
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                  Originally posted by Texas Blonde
                  Paint it yellow - EVERYONE says YELLOW is FASTER!
                  Thats right!!!


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                    hindles gay, but yellow is faster


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                      Blue! *ducks and runs*
                      Keep the rubber side down!


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                        You folks must be color blind...

                        Yellow isn't faster. My Red Kat just LOOKS to be yellow due to atmospheric heat build up from the high speeds. I guess my first mod should be the installation of heat tiles from the Space Shuttle.

                        It's comments like that that get me banned from drinking caffeine.

                        Seriously Colvin, there are a number of good threads on this subject... Do a search and you can find all the info you need. Our fine Canadian friends seem to be fond of the Hindle. I'm from Texas, so I'll probably buy a D&D someday. Yoshimura is a popular brand here as well. I don't think you'll go wrong with a product of any of those three. The CyberPoet has excellent information on the different jet kits out there. I don't have a link, but hopefully he'll read this thread and supply a link.

                        Oh yeah, take Range's comment with a grain of salt. He was exposed to large amounts of gas fumes from a Ford F150 lately, and may be a little light headed.... (just kidding Range! )

                        and finally, WELCOME!
                        2005 Red Katana 600!

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