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Saying Hello from Sullivan County, NY!

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  • Saying Hello from Sullivan County, NY!

    I just got a Yellow 2004 Suzuki Katana 600, I just bought it about a week ago. Bike isn't on the road yet, as I dont have the money to put insurance on it yet, or pay the taxes to DMV.

    I am a virgin rider(not that kinda virgin for all you perverts out there....). Never been on a bike before I got this. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers to get me started. I have been practicing in my yard.... makes the spills a little easier, yes i have layed her over. No damage as of yet, gotta love grass at slow speeds.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone and become part of your community!


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    Welcome to Kr

    First of all, go out and take the msf course. It'll be the best money you've ever spent. Second, scrape up some cheddar and get that bike roadworthy and legal. third once both of those are done, and only once both of those are done, ride up and down the block a few times getting used to the clutch and brake etc. then go find an empty parking lot, preferably free of sand sand gravel and practice slow speed stuff for now until you get comfortable with the bike.

    Oh, and stay off the grass, it's not a duel sport.

    Wow, two informative posts in a row. I'm on a roll


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      Welcome to Katriders!!! Check out the Beginners Area, and feel free to post questions there, as well as there being loads of helpful info already.
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        Greetings and welcome ,the MSF course is a must!!
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            glad you found this site. A lot of good people and good info here. I agree take the MSF course aside from learning the right way it will help with the insurance, as it is considered a defensive driving course. If that isn't incentive enough when you pass the course you have completed the road test and just need to pick up your license. Hopefully I'll see you on the road around here.
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              welcome to KR!
              West of Germany
              greetz Carsten


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                Grass is not known to have the best traction.
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                  hello and welcome
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                    Welcome to KR from another NY member.
                    I miss my Gixxer

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                      Welcome to the forum!!
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                        Originally posted by Katgirl
                        Welcome to Katriders!!! Check out the Beginners Area, and feel free to post questions there, as well as there being loads of helpful info already.
                        Most definately !!! The beginners forum has all kinds of good info for newbs ! and if u have questions, feel free to post them up, you'll get plenty of good info !

                        Welcome !!

                        Remember.. MSF !! MSF !!!


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                          Welcome to KatRiders!!!
                          I hope you find all the information you need.

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                            Welcome aboard!! only ride on grass if its cut REAL short!!
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                              Hey this site is great, Welcome! Oh and roadrash is a pickle smoocher, so watch that virginity!
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