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Mid-Mo 1100 Kat

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  • Mid-Mo 1100 Kat

    Hi, my name is Robert. I live in Columbia, MO. I have owned 7 motorcycles, been riding since 1984(missed a couple of years). Been in three accidents that required a hospital visit, one of those being a two week stay.

    I like to ride alone.
    I have riden with others but never enjoyed it, felt crowded.
    Depending on my mood when I ride I might ride fast or I might just go for a nice even paced ride through the country side, I tend to stay away from town.

    I believe in wearing a helmet even if riding in a no helmet required state. In one of the wrecks I was in if I hadn't been wearing a full face helmet I wouldn't of had a face.

    I do exceed the speed limit but only in areas that I have enough room to slow down & there are is little chance of collisions with the exception of animals or death wobbles.
    I don't know how fast my bike goes, I've never stopped to find out.

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    Hiya brutha!


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      Welcome. Any pictures?
      Bike is sold


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        sounds like a beautiful please...and welcome


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          Welcome to KR.


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            Re: Mid-Mo 1100 Kat

            Originally posted by GSX1100FL
            I have replaced the oem mirrors with EMGO 2003 GSXR1000 mirrors.
            We need pics, for those of us with 1100's and no mirrors. I'd like to see how the fit looks.
            Life's tough.....even tougher when you're stupid.


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              Welcome to KR! Nice to see some Old school Kat's here! C-Ya around.
              1995 GSX-R 750W (Barney Bike - Street)
              2004 GSX-R 600 (Race Bike) - Powered by
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                Hey man, gotta love those 1100's. Really nice lookin' Kats thats for sure. However, "where's the pics??????"

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                  Since I have been working on my Kat I have not had time to search the net for a place to put up pics of my Kat.

                  Right now I'm trying to find a way to get the vacuum screws out so I can sync the carbs, the bike shop that worked on my Kat last has either one, put them in with super glue or two, welded the things in place. I got one of them out, another won't budge & the other two have the slots striped out

                  As for my mirrors I placed them below the original mounting areas, gives incredible viewing.
                  I don't know how fast my bike goes, I've never stopped to find out.