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  • Another newbie

    Hello all, my name is Nick, I'm 21 and from Michigan (pretty much halfway between Flint and Detroit) and I just got my first bike, a '95 Katana 750 with 3,875 miles on it. Actually I got it a couple months ago, back in mid-february, got it for a steal, but it needed some work, so I dropped it off at my mechanic's place on the way back from buying it, got a call from him at the end of March saying it was done, I picked it up and brought it to my place thursday the 7th, and have been playing around with it ever since. I've put about 600 miles on it since then

    Here's a few pics of the bike:

    Hmmm...have to add it to the signature now, too
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    seen the pics of the work u did on your fiero and your truck......nice work......cant see what u got planned with your kat..........welcome to KR....


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      Welcome to Katriders!! Very nice bike!!
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        Welcome to KatRiders!!!!
        I love that shade or red, Great looking Kat!!!!

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          Welcome and awesome another pre98!!!!
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            Welcome aboard! We're glad ya joined!
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              Welcome to KR fellow Pre 98 rider


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                Nice kat, hope you have some fun with it. My friend has the same exact one.


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                  KitKat was just in Flint...why didn't you KEEP him...welcome


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                    Welcome to KR Nick. Nice bike.


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                      Welcome to KR
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                        Thanks for the welcomes everyone, I've spent the last week or so reading through a bunch of the stuff on the site, and learning a whole lot.

                        Originally I'd never even thought about modifying the bike much, even given my tendancies to modify everything else I own, but after looking through all the old topics & info on this site (which is great, btw) I've come up with a few things that have worked their way onto my list of projects

                        Dang this forum is contagious

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                          Welcome to KR and great lookin pre98
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