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  • Hi everyone

    Hi all, my name is JJ, and I am from puyallup washington! I wanted to join a good forum, so I found this one. I am only 16, but I am totally OBSESSED with sportbikes. My dad has a 1993 suzuki katana 750, and I love riding on it. When I go through drivers ed, I will take a motorcycle class, and get myself a nice new bike! Just today we went over to cycle gear and picked up a few things, like our chatter box tandem pro, Its really awesome! We got a 40 gig Ipod and we hooked it up and we can listen to it while we are riding! We also picked up LED turn signals and an LED tail light. We have had the katana for about a year, its in great shape for what dad paid for it. He payed $1500 and the only damage was on the fairings, because it was crashed once. About 2 weeks ago we put on new dunlop tires on it, and we put in a new o-ring chain. Putting on the chain was a royal PITA, because we accidently grinded 1 link too short, so we had to buy another master link to fix it. Last thursday when my dad was teaching at the college, he broke off the two mirrors It was about 8:30pm and pitch black, he forgot that he had his disc lock on and started to ride off when he lost balance and broke the 1 mirror, then he accidently broke the other one when he was trying to get it back up lol. But we fixed both of the mirror. Now all this new stuff is on it, its starting to look nice! I did join sportbike worlds forums, but hated it, most of the people there had a grudge against the katana so I said F it and left them behind, and joined this forum!

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    Welcome JJ you have come to the right place!!
    We have alot of jokers here at KatRiders, But they are the greatest group of people anywere!!!!!
    Hope you enjoy the forums!!


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      Welcome to KR JJ, I hope you enjoy the ride!!
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      Who knows what is next?
      Builder of the KOTM Mreedohio september winning chrome project. I consider this one to be one of my bikes also!
      Please look at this build!


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        cool...your dad should sign up here too!


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          Totally, get your dad on here!!!

          Welcome to Katriders, your never to early to start!!!
          Welcome to! Click here to register


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            long intro
            but welcome! 8)
            West of Germany
            greetz Carsten


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              Welcome. Sounds like your dad needs a glow in the dark disc lock!
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                he has one of those reminders thats like a plastic bungee that you put around the handles, but he found out another way. He put it up around the front brake, so when the disc lock is in and he trys to ride off, the front brake is on and then he will notice the disc lock is in


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                  Welcome to KR


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                    Welcome to KR, good to hear that your dad and you enjoy riding together.
                    Keith Paton
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