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    newbie alert!! newbie alert!!! hey, just saying HI, i found your forum lookin for new bikes and liked so i thought i might drop in and say hi "HI" im lookin for some info im tryin to decide between a kat and a r6 i have rode nuttin but yam's but they seem to break alot, (i used to work at yamha of troy and i saw alot more yams then then suz in the shop being fixed too) im lookin for somethin thats fun fast and in a few years take a trip out west with the gf were she would be two up for most of the trip when shes not in the follow vechile( is that a new idea? she wants to take her truck and drive too just so there is another way around incase something happens, plus truck nut too boot!) they got twistys out there that look drool worthy so want something fun in those too, thanks
    that and im from flat central OH

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    +: Cheaper, Comfort, Bullet-Proof Reliability, Easy to work on, Great for long distances and 'twistable', Better suited for 2 up, cheaper insurance, cheaper to maintain, Heavy weight good for stability in long distance, and the elements such as wind

    -: Heavy, depending on your size this might be a good or bad thing, less powerful

    +: TRACK beast, light, very powerful, smaller wheel base for better twisty maneuverability, Fuel injected, state of the art racing design, sexy as all hell

    -: expensive motorcycle insurance if it is flagged by your insurance company, uncomfortable compared to Kat, aggresive riding stance not suited for long distances, gets blown by wind like nothing, hard to work on by a begginer, not reccomended for someone who has never ridden, expensive

    It all depends on what you initially want with a motorcycle. Personally, I think if you wanted to get on a R6, I'd start with the Kat and then progressive upwards to the R6. And don't be a squid, get GREAT gear and take it easy...and it'll allow you to get far.

    WELCOME TO KR!!!!!


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      Welcome to KatRiders drewpy!!!
      Sounds like the Kat is just what you are looking for.
      We have a large group of members from OH. So I am sure you will find a member in your area.
      Hope you are enjoying the forums!!!

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        eww newbie, lol but im in western pa so maybe we could hook up


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          anyone know where tiffin OH is, it the armpit of OH, at 6' 215# size could be a issue, i kno of 600, 750 any other flavor of kat? and dont worry, no squid= , helmet and gear everytime (READ- no flipflops and shorts)


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            I would think at your size, and if planning on riding 2 up, that Kat 7fitty would be a better option that a R6 or anything of the like.

            Thats just my opinon though.

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              Welcome to Kr!!

              The Ohio group certainly is growing quickly!!
              Sorry about being from Tiffin...Meet us in Columbus sometime!!

              There are also a few of us planning on going to the AMA Superbike races at Mid-Ohio in July, you should bring the gf!


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                Welcome to Katriders!!!!
                Welcome to! Click here to register


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                  Greetings and welcome.
                  Ok, no more mister nice guy, i've met the guy in the street, and he's a wanker.


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                    when in july? i might try to make it


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                      welcome...I would take the R6


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                        Welcome aboard! Its great here. The only opinion i have for you is if you buy a wont ever want to sell it!!
                        "Shut up and walk it off" -personal quote from personal experiences.


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                          welcome at KR!

                          @duff daddy: very nice avatar!
                          West of Germany
                          greetz Carsten


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                            wow, i logged in to join and was ****ed my name was taken... completly forgot that i signed in here 3 years ago!!!!

                            ok, this calls for a bit of a recap

                            bought a 03' zx6r 636 shortly after this post loved that bike, did trackdays dragged my knee for the first time

                            it got bit by the dragon, leaned so far over the clutch cover hit and off she went.

                            now own an rc51 that i love, and looking to get an sv for my gf, she has a rebel now and is quickly out growing it

                            moved to TN and have some of the best roads in my back yard

                            and am an admin on

                            i did the cross country trip this year and it was a wild time 6k miles in twn days, on an rc51... corbin seat and airhawk pad make life great
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                              Well you can't expect an unbiased opinion when you're in a Katana forum.

                              Go for the Kat!