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    As you can see I'm fairly new to KatRiders let me introduce myself.
    My names Justin and I live in Dayton, Ohio. Im the person jbody95 was talking about in his earlier post. I ride a 04 yellow and black Katana 600. As jbody said we went semi-wild for our first winter and had a blast doing it. Yesterday we took some pics and they are under the modified heading so check them out. Some things you don't see in the pics is jbodys led rear signals. Mine has the smoked integrated tailight. If you want any pics of that let us know. One thing i am looking for is a swingarm plate bracket if anyone knows where to find or how to fabricate please let me know. Well thats all for now.
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    Let me be the first to Welcome you to Katriders.

    Glad you found us!!
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      Hi from a bit south of you .
      I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

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        Welcome to KR. There's a bunch of ohio riders here!


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          Welcome to KR!!
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            Greetings,and welcome.
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              I have seen a plate bracket modified to attach to the exhaust, but from what I understand, there was issues if it flying off sometimes at highway speed.

              I have never seen a kat with a swingarm bracket though. I suppose it would not be to dificult to make one, or to buy a premade one, and modify it with a bracket of somesort to attach to the swingarm without drilling new holes.
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                Welcome to KR from a fellow ohio rider
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                  Welcome to KatRiders!!!

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                    Welcome to KR and join the Ohio club! Check out the "brothers and sisters from Ohio" thread you will see many of us on there. Also I will be working on a Stainless chain guard/license plate holder when I get back to Ohio.
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                      West of Germany
                      greetz Carsten