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  • New Member from Houston

    Just ran across this site and am totally diggig the great information and attitude.

    I ride a 2001 Katana 600, it has a Yosh exhaust. The bike has a history I'm still figuring out. I picked it up with a salvage title, it's had a rough first part of it's life. From what I can tell the previous owner did a few 12 o'clocks on it, so the tail is scratched up, had no taillight. Laid it down on the right side (got a new fairing thanks to Ebay) dropped it on the left side, and ran into something and broke all the headlight mounts and the composite frame behind it. It's been a project bike for almost a year now, and I've added about 7000 miles to it's odometer since I got it last June. It's a blast to ride and farily easy to work on on (except changing the oilfilter )

    I've only seen a couple other Katana's around here and I'm glad to have a found a Katana forum. If anyone is ever interested in a weekend run in the area, let me know.
    2001 Katana 600
    1998 Jeep TJ 4.0
    2005 Subaru Impreza STi

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    Welcome to Katriders ablank, glad you found us!!!
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      Welcome to Katriders thee home for Kat's!!

      I am glad to hear you are able to put some miles on a pre wrecked bike.
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      Who knows what is next?
      Builder of the KOTM Mreedohio september winning chrome project. I consider this one to be one of my bikes also!
      Please look at this build!


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        WELOME! Do you have any pics of this bullet toothed beast?


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          Here's a link with a few.

          The first set are from doing an oilchange and replacing the right fairing. The second are replacing the headlight.

          I need to get more pictures of it outside the garage

          I'll have it apart again on monday to hunt down a short in the headlight wiring, so i'll get you some pics of the JBWeld job i had to do to the composite frame. Gotta figure why the wire bundles are heating up, can't even touch them if the ignition is in the ON position for more than a few minutes
          2001 Katana 600
          1998 Jeep TJ 4.0
          2005 Subaru Impreza STi


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            Welcome to KatRiders!!!
            Yet another yellow Kat.

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              Welcome from the DFW area... This place rocks and a wealth of information to be had for sure here.


              1996 GSX 600 F


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                Welcome to KR. I'm doing an oil and filter change on my 01 Kat in the morning. Wish me luck.


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                  Welcome to KR !!!!!


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                    Welcome to KR


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                      That poor bike. What moron would do that to such a nice machine?????
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                        welcome to KR!
                        West of Germany
                        greetz Carsten


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                          welcome, and good luck with the ride!
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                            Welcome aboard!!
                            Info for the Ottawa Motorcycle Course