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Yes there are Katanas in Ohio

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  • Yes there are Katanas in Ohio

    Hello all, friends from the day call me jimmy (or jackass!) I am the owner of a 2004 kat 600 and recently stumbled acrossed this page thanks to my buddy justin who also has a 2004 kat 600. his is yellow/black and mine is blue/white. we were so excited when we got the bikes that over this last winter we jumped all over changing them around. now all we have left is the expensive shit to do which I imagine will be this winter. I got a blue chrome windsheild, tank pad, blue headlight tint, yoshi rs-3 exhaust, fender elimination w/ led turns, and blue neons. I also chromed the grab bar behind the seat which started something for me. Now I want chrome wheels, swingarm, pegs, grips, bar ends, frame sliders, you name it. The only problem is it is still a "b" bike. I can't decide if it would be looked at as stupid to go all out on a sub-90 horse bike. My other problem is I cant see myself paying $10,000 for a bike anytime soon. I need to decide before this winter since that is when the chrome fairy is scheduled to come. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Very open-minded. Hope to chat with ya'll soon!!! p.s. I'll try-n-get pics up soon!!
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    welcome/ you did come to the right place....nice to have a buddy with the same bike to bounce ideas off of!


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      If you plan on keeping it for awhile why not chrome it out the way you want it. If someone else dosen't like it that is thier problem!

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      Happy Riding!!!

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        welcome to KR and :worthless

        mod'n out a kat is never a bad idea..most of us mod the crap out of our bikes, so ur in good company if you go that route.


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          Keep it the Kat has alot of potential. Look at mine or Mr. Cleans or What lou is soon to do, oh and they are alot more comfortible then other bikes yet can still have alot of fun on them
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            Welcome to KR and Ohio is on the rise!! Watch out Canada here we come! LOL

            Mod the hell out of them and post pics!!
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              welcome to KR, where in the Dayton area are you? ride the bike you want to ride and do whatever you want to it, unless of course someone wants buy you a $10k bike!


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                MOD it out man! Welcome to KR you'll find lots of useful information here. Lots of great people and great fun. I'm in the Cincinnati area so not too far from you we should get together for a ride sometime.

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                  Glad ya found us....Welcome to KR!!!
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                    nice, and ill get this one for matt


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                      Welcome to Katriders Jimmy!!!
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                        Well, sounds like this kat is gonna get smacked by some chrome!! yes jason, we should make a saturday sometime now that the weather is finally nice. Katdan2, know where englewood is?? Let me know. It is nice to have a buddy w/ the same interests but its hard to not come out with the same looking bikes. It's hard because we have the same tastes and when we talk about something that looks good, it's hard for us to not both do it. we're trying to make them somewhat different. thanks all for the input!!
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                          yep, i know where Englewood is. i'm in Bellbrook, so about 30 minutes away. i'll get in touch with you when i have a day to ride. ever ride around Oregonia, SW Ohio area? great roads down there.


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                            no, never been. get in touch...we'll go riding.
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                              Originally posted by duff daddy
                              nice, and ill get this one for matt


                              Oh Yeah..welcome...
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                              nah nah nah nah nah nah JAX! (special thnx to sexwax)