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New guy in Kansas City KS

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  • New guy in Kansas City KS

    I will be buying a 1998 GSX600F Katana very soon. I am just awaiting the loan to process. It is blue with a couple mods....but has some road ras due the previous owner. It has a Yoshi pipe new Michelin Battlaxe tires, pads and such.

    So I will fill you in when I get it.

    Thanks Hope to learn lots more bout my bike.
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    Welcome to Katriders Knightrider, cool name!!

    You'll learn loads about your bike here!!
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      Road Rash can be fixed pretty easy as long as it is not cracked all the way through.
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        Yep, if you wanna learn about the gap, this is the place. Welcome!


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          Welcome Bro!!
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            welcome to KR! 8)
            West of Germany
            greetz Carsten


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              You want to learn about your bike, Welcome to the right place.


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                Welcome to KatRiders!!

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                  congrats and welcome, you came to the right place
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                    Lots of info here. Great people. Welcome to KR!


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                      Thanks for the welcome guys n gals. Can't wait to get on that bike. I feel it will be a great buy. I had a 1989 Kawasaki Ninja 600R.....good learner bike, but wanted something better looking and a little updated. I like how the Katana's look like baby busa's.

                      Hopefully I can provide info too...I am a car nut, and now bikes have my we'll see whats next.

                      Anyone know of any good online loan places? Just need $2500. I'm worried my bank will be pricks and say no.

                      My credit isn't bad, but its not outstanding. Probably around 575-600pts.

                      Thanks again
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                        Have you tried a credit union?
                        You might even be better off with a newer bike. It is usually easier to get money on a later model because the banks do not view it as as big of a risk as an older model. Your payment will not be much higher.......I don't know your entire situation, but also a lower payment may be in order with a newer ride too because you can get a longer term, also a lower rate...good luck though...


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                          Well I still haven't heard through my bank yet. If I don't get financed through them....I'll check a credit union. Just like a car insurance will be sky high with full coverage on a new bike...that was my only worry going new. Plus, I know the condition of the Kat I want to buy, vs buying used from someone else.

                          Sigh. I want the darn Kat so bad. I can taste it. (really I can, I licked it to prove I wanted it) j/k....okay maybe not
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                            Welcome to KR!!!
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