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  • Hi

    My name is Robert, I live in west Tn. about 25 miles north of Memphis, and I am currently working on restoring a '95 750 Kat. I look forward to learning a LOT from this site. I bought this bike just as another website dedicated to Katanas went down. I am SOOOO glad I found this site. I just hope yall don't get tired of answering questions. lol

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    u've definately come to right place..anything u need to know..mods, repairs, general info..we got ya covered.

    welcome to KR 8)


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      Welcome aboard Billy!! This is definately the place to be if you might possibly need any help or advise with your rebuild.


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        Welcome to the site, your probably talking about Katanaplanet, you'll find many of the same people here, new and a bit different though.
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          A 95 750, eh................let's's been awhile since I've done one of those...........about 2 weeks to be exact!

          I'm building one from scratch............had all the parts here, so I said WTF and started into it! It's a roller right now, and the body is painted, but I've yet to finish putting it all together.

          Any hep or questions you need, or parts, just ask!
          Post up..............we have a Mechanics Sections and a body section and a suspension sort of section..............check out the main page then scroll'll find 'em.

 can also feel free to PM me directly.

          Also: (just to be a slut):

          hee-hee 8)
          I've owned over 70 Katanas - you think I know anything about them?
          Is there such a thing as TOO MANY BIKES?
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            Welcome to KR


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              if you ride a kat, you are definitely in the right place ~ katriders

              we have professionals, mechanics, suppilers, and the cowl builder in the house

              you can find everything about kats here, from paint, tires, to which chick looks the best on your kat..... we answer'em all

              welcome to KR


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                You have found the right place....lots of great info and great folks...Welcome to KR!!!!
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                  Originally posted by 300
                  we have professionals, mechanics, suppilers, and the cowl builder in the house
                  Don't forget we have professional Smart A$$ posters (), post whores, and a Resident Disident.

                  So, welcome to KR! Where we have some of the coolest "Kats" on the Planet!
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                    Hey fellow Tennessean. Glad you dropped by. Where outside of Memphis do you live? Germantown? Jackson? Let me know. Maybe we can meet up sometime...


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                      Welcome and You have definatly come to the right place for help and friendship also. If your ever around the northen tennessee, lower KY area let me know. We'll hook up and ride. I live near bowling Green, KY!
                      Um I dont know any wise quotes so go read katansoldiers quote in his signature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                        Welcome Robert

                        Glad you decided to join us! I think you'll find there is a huge resource of knowledge for just about anything you would want to do to your Kat. Just ask! Somebody will have the answer your looking for. A question is only stupid if you don't ask it!
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                          Boy! This IS a friendly place. Thanks for all the warm welcomes.

                          Highsight: I live in a little town in Tipton county called Drummonds. I live about 2 miles from the Mississippi River.

                          I probably won't be doing too much posting because of my lack of knowledge but I do a ton of reading and research. (the search button is my friend )But if I can't find something I need to know, I DEFINATELY know where to come.

                          Thanks again guys, this is a GREAT site you have here.

                          Oh, I almost forgot, to Braada Jim and Special K: a BIG thank you for starting this site. I thought I was screwed when KP went down.

                          Ride safe.


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                            Yes I know where that is. I work for the State so I have to know where all the counties are. Give me a shout somtime. Maybe we can meet up. I am up here in Nashville. Do a weekend trip one day. Only about 2-3 hours from me.


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