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Old rider, New to kats

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  • Old rider, New to kats

    Hey all, New fellow katana rider from alabama =)
    not a newb to riding but a newb to katana's, i have ridden mine about 150 miles and decided id strip her down and repaint her and do a few custom things before riding season came into full bloom, she is primer gray right now and im going to order a seat cowl soon and do a few custom things to it, I will be sure to have pictures ASAP, i will put before and after pics when i do and I have already met a few of the Kr forum folks, Batgirl and Jackal, i hope to meet more soon!

    Previous bikes in order that i owned them

    Honda rebel 250 - Sold it
    Honda shadow - Sold it
    Honda CBR - Totatalled in the weirdest of ways - ask and i shall explain
    Suzuki GSXR 600 - Sold it
    suzuki Katana - Riding it

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    Ok Il ask. How did you total the CBR?
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      Welcome!!! Alabama, Hey Lou, someone to ride with when you get down there.

      You are definitely at the right place for mod's. There are many that can help you.
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      Who knows what is next?
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        welcome to KR, I want to know about the CBR!


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          Welcome to KR!! We ALL want to know about how you wrecked the CBR.
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            ah the cbr..Twas a gorgeous day, no clouds in the sky, birds are chirping, and the cagers were far and few between, i thought i would visit a good friend of mine and went over to his house and to find they are having a little bbq, his driveway was full so i just parked beside the road, because i would only be there a minute right? Well just as i was b/s'ing with my buddy i heard this horrible crash, i thought someone had a wreck. Low and behold, someone hit my bike, and of all things to hit my bike, a Big truck, like tractor trailer type rig. Well after the initial impact it went under his bumper, under the front right wheel, under the 2nd and 3rd set of wheels and was under the trailor. He said he was going to fast and wasnt paying attention to the road, So i did not bitch at him for fessing up to it but dammit did i feel real bad about it i had only had that cbr for 3 months. Thank god i got full coverage on it though.
            R.I.P CBR


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              Welcome tor KR!
              West of Germany
              greetz Carsten


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                Welcome to Katriders. What colour are you thinking of going for the paint job ?


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                  Welcome to KR!!
                  Sorry to hear about the CBR!! Glad to hear you weren't on it when it gor run over!!!!!!!
                  Hope you enjoy the forums!! Happy Riding!!!!

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                    No parking the Katana off the side of the road!!!
                    Welcome to Katriders!!! Glad you know my friends, 2 of the nicest people on here!
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                      Sorry to hear about the CBR....Welcome to KR!!!
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                        Thanks guys for such a warm welcome

                        Dont worry i will not park beside the road anymore

                        The color i am painting my bike - House of Kolor's Kandy cobalt blue, It is premixed with certain pearls and kandys Makes things alot easier and im going to add a silver flake to the paint to give it a nice sparkle. Im going to do a few custom things to the seat cowl im ordering and a few other things but until then. =) I plan on winning " Katana of the month " Here in a few months. But i shall give a update of when i get pics up of the finished product


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                          welcome! sounds like your kat will look really nice KOTM ahhhh dayum u all make me miss my bike!
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                            OK..I am did you meet Batgirl AND Jackal....and how come you didn't meet me and Junior?

                            If you met Jackal in Kentucky...then it would have been Babs you met.

                            Either you can tell, we are a great group to be associated with, looking forward to possibly meeting you at the Gap Rally


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                              Oops, im sorry range i didnt specify how i " met them " I spoke to them in the shoutbox I didnt actually meet them. lol sorry i did not specify a bit more clearly