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Tiger is in the House

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  • Tiger is in the House

    Yes it is true Marty the Tiger is here. I am still being held by Sheep lover Jay but what you can you do. I guess I will have to get around to all these new peeps now...

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    Dude it should start getting cold over there.

    Do I need to do a cross country trip just to pick your fuzzy little a$$ up?
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      Yes COME GET ME Jay is starting to look at me like he does his sheep


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        You wouldnt be a true katrider if you don come to Spain! 8)


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          Marty! Stuck with Jay, huh? You'll probably need months of therapy after this! :P

          One by one, the yard gnomes steal my sanity ...


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            Marty!!! I assume you are well taken care of, any new pics?
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              Hey Marty, welcome!!!

              You know, it's nice and warm out here on the west coast...and the women

              Don't wimp out, get out here!


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                Marty, thanks for dropping by to say Hi. Sorry to hear that you got stuck with the sheep lover. I don't think we can help you over here though, it's finally time for you to return home to your rightful owner. You should probably go HERE and wait patiently for him to return to claim you. I've heard that he can occaisionally also be found HERE, so while Jay isn't looking if you can get to the computer again you might want to try there.

                Good luck!
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                  Hey Jim doesn't Marty actually belong to one of the guys in VA. I think it was Jays or maybe it is Ryans. You know RF900 not going anywhere anytime soon. Good to see marty out though. Lets just all hope and pray that Jay hasn't messed him to much..


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                    Actually I think Keith (the old NewRider) purchased him...

                    But... Shouldn't Katriders have an original mascot?? A fresh mascot for a fresh start!


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                      YES! I agree with Meg - KatRiders needs a new Mascot!

                      Way to go Meg! THANKS!


                      It was fun while it lasted little buddy, but we all have to move on, change can be a good thing..........we'll all miss you, and we won't forget you!

                      I've owned over 70 Katanas - you think I know anything about them?
                      Is there such a thing as TOO MANY BIKES?
                      Can you go TOO FAST on a bike?
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                        Bye, bye Marty.
                        Bike is sold


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                          Yes we will miss him. But now Jay has him with his sheep. Lord only knows what he has done to him...