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New member with $400 Katana

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  • New member with $400 Katana

    Hi, I just bought my first bike its a 1993 750 Katana. I have only rode one other bike and it was a dirt bike and for only a few minutes. I first saw my bike about a year ago in being stored in a shed of my cousins friend. The owner had moved to MN and left it. About a month ago my cousins friend was moving and couldnt take the bike i got a hold of the owner and was able to buy it for $400 b/c i didnt know if it ran. I bought a new battery and had a little rust cleaned out of the tank and it ran fine. Its a little hard starting from time to time but overall i think its pretty good for what i paid. And its way more fun then driving my car or anything else. But this mornig i went out to ride before work and it was leaking gas when i started it. I dont know a lot but i think its from the left vent tube on the carbs. Does anyone have an idea of what it is? Thanks. So far i really like the look of this site and it looks like there is a lot of help to be offered.

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    Welcome to KatRiders!

    Sweet deal on the Kat dude. Sounds like she needs a little TLC but this is the place to learn about that. Enjoy the site. 8)
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      Welcome to KatRiders!!!

      If your bike has been siting for a couple of years you will need to clean the carbs out, It would be my guess that they are gumed up and this would cause the leakig gas that you described. I would also check the condition of the fule line.

      Good luck, And Happy Riding!!!

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        I was told it was sitting for just over a year. And it rode fine for the first couple weeks but just started leaking this morning.


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          She just needs a good goin over. Welcome to KR.


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            Welcome to Katriders, and congrats on your purchase. Sounds like she needs some TLC!!
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              Welcome to KR!

              And that's not a deal, that's a steal. I've spent more on spare parts only...
              - Samuel

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                I'd treat it like mine, I had no idea what the other owners really had or had not done to it. My guess is they just checked oil and put tires on perhaps. So I've been going throught the book and working on all the things it says to do around the 8,000 mile mark. It just helps to give the bike a good look over and replace and fix things and at that point, you'll know what you have. Plus its fun as hell working on these.

                Good luck,

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                  Sweet steal on the bike!! Want double your money back? LOL
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                    Welcome to KR and great find with that bike....nice!!
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                      You prolly just need to go through the carbs good . Yeah , I know you said it was running fine a couple weeks ago , but in that time some garbage could've worked loosed and lodged in your needle seats . It happens . Clean the carbs , and I bet you'll have it running even better . Good deal , BTW .
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                        welcome to KR, yeah, clean the carbs, but first chaeck and make sure it's the petcock is set on prime.


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                          Welcome to KatRiders sweet deal on the Kat, sit back and enjoy the ride....


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                            Me and a friend of mine who has experience with carb went through them today and now it runs good.


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                              I was going to suggest maybe a area of the tank that had rusted through, or maybe a leaking petcock.

                              Sounds like a steal of a bike! Hows about some pics????
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