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Why Howdy There Kat People

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  • Why Howdy There Kat People

    Rod, from California.
    Transmedia Designer (retired)

    Inadvertent owner of a 1997 GSX750F

    Had outstanding design charge with a client who had a run of bad fortune and couldn't cover the full amount. Feeling sorry for his circumstances, I asked what he had. He offered me a 5yo Toyota Camry. When he opened his garage I saw the Katana sitting in the back. I pointed at it and said,"how about that?" It wouldn't begin to cover the amount owed, but I didn't care, I just didn't want an old Camry that I'd have to sell. It's not like I really needed the money. I just wanted him to feel like he got it taken care of without me just forgiving the amount outright. In the long run I got a ton of referral work through that guy, so yeah, he paid me in spades.

    Fast forward 5 years, and I've retired. Spending my time remodeling the house and squaring away the grounds. Opened up an old outbuilding at the back of the property and there's that darned Katana.

    Now what?

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    Get it running and ride.

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      Hope you could start bringing her back to life!