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New Katana Owner - not for long?

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  • New Katana Owner - not for long?

    Hello. I live in Alberta, Canada and purchased a 1988 Katana from a friend. I was led to believe that the only thing wrong with the bike was a shift fork. When I opened up the engine I discovered a badly pitted cam shaft and followers, and pistons that were out of spec and bores that are also out of spec. This engine requires oversized pistons and rings. However, I have discovered that they are impossible to find. Odd. I was able to find oversized pistons for my 1974 KZ400! Is there anything I can do with this engine? Any suggestions?

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    You said that it's an 88 Katana, but not the engine size. Double check the actual engine size by looking at the side of the engine down toward the bottom of the cylinders. Should say something like 599cm3 for a 600. Someone may have done an engine swap and it's a bigger motor than what you think it is. That would explain the larger pistons.



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      Welcome! Too bad to hear about the badly fitted camshafts.