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Hello Everyone.

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  • Hello Everyone.

    Writing to ya from central NY. I have been a avid observer/guest of KatRiders ever since I picked up my 02 and 06 600s about 2.5 years ago. They were both project bikes that the past owner started and lost interest. So I basically got 2 rollers and a bunch of giant bins full of jumbled up parts. The sick thing is When I started this project of a project I said " I will have them up and running ready to rip by the time the snow melts in a few weeks. They are just motorcycles how complicated can it be". Boy was I wrong. I finally have a window of time to focus on getting at least 1 of the 2 on the road. Looking forward to finally riding.

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    I hate seeing myself in the mirror! I received a basket case 95 Kat 600 that was badly abused and thought a few new parts, some buff and polish and Bam! pretty new ride...So about 1 1/2 years later I am just now getting it all back together after a deep dive revealed bent spring tubes, mis-matched chain and sprockets (520 is not the same as 530), seized bearings, etc.It makes the first ride so much sweeter once the grunt work is done and you can admire your handywork