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No power 04 katana

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  • No power 04 katana

    Hey y’all. So on yesterday I rode around on my girl for bout an hr and a half. She did backfire a few times which she’s never done before. I stopped at a store and when I came out she wouldn’t start. I called for a jump and still nothing. The clock is on but when I turn the ignition the clock dims to off, there’s no power to the lights, horn or odometer. The only lights that come on are the neutral and the oil light. I checked the starter relay and the 30a was fine. I even put in my brand new spare relay and still same. I had her in first and the battery connected when I removed the relay and she acted like she wanted to crank and she started moving. Had to quickly disconnect the battery to get her to stop. I’m at a complete loss as to what the problem could be. Anybody got any suggestions on where or what to check next?

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    Sounds like I would look into switch pod on the handlebar if it is trying to start without the switch being depressed, or maybe a starter problem.

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