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  • New Member Shout Out !

    Hi all....just registered on the site after it being recommended.
    Now me being an old fart I have switched from sports bikes to something a little more relaxed, hence the purchase of the 600f.
    All day comfy, lively above 6k, don't mind the t pot monicker as the fairings decent.
    the bike is a stock '03 in blue/black, apart from a blue db screen on order to try to stop the wind buffet on the more upright riding position.
    The only thing wrong at present is a now sticky choke action, which I think is usual, doesn't bother me but will try to smooth the action in the carb eventually ...
    Have posted an ask in the exhaust section ref header replacement so will keep checking back there.
    Lockdown in UK playing havoc with ride time in the good weather....damn !
    Looking forward to using the forum etc