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Hi - I'm new!

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  • Hi - I'm new!

    Hello everyone,

    I came across the forum while I was searching for a fix to my current issue on my GSXF600, I'll get to that later...seems like the Mechanics 101 is the most appropriate place for it.

    I have a 1998 GSXF600.....I bought it last year and started tinkering with it straight away....unfortunately it looks as if she has had a hard life and I'm trying to give it a bit of love and bring it up to a nice standard.
    As a youngster I rode around a Yamaha MR50 and prior to the GSXF I owned a CBR600 91 model. I wouldn't really consider myself a hardcore biker but really like tinkering with mechanical stuff and riding them is lots of fun too. I have a couple of other bikes that I have picked up along the way but more about them some other time.

    This is my first forum, so be gentle and help me along with the way things are done.