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Looking at 97 600, I was wondering and need help

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  • Looking at 97 600, I was wondering and need help

    Looking at a 600 and the bike has been sitting. Sitting for a few years at that. So I was wondering if there is a way to shoot carb spray or starter fluid without taking the gas tank off into the carbs, I was thinking where the gas comes out of petcock just to see if i runs. He stated they leaked gas and won't start . Or maybe putting some gas in a bottle and run it to the line that feeds the carbs. Other option would be to just jump the bike, if it turns over smoothly it might be good to go or am I wishing that? I am also thinking if gas ran into the crankcase that would be a problem to. Thanks for any input.

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    Yeah, shoot starting fluid in the air box m, access it from under the seat.
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