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  • Just a quick hello

    I have been wanting to get another bike a few years now. My last one was an 87 Kawasaki KZ1000 shaft drive. But I traded it for a 1970 International Scout 25 years ago. My 3 kids have fist fights over who gets it when I die. But I digress. I just bought A 96 gsx600f. I am hopeing it wont kill me. LMAO. Got it very cheap from a trusted friend who bought in 2015. He drove it home with no problems. howeve, when he got home and went to put it away he saw a large puddle of fuel under it. hw then parked and never got around to fixing as he has two other bikes to ride. So I believe it should be a simple fix ox replacing the fuel line cleaning out the tank and the carbs, making sure they insync and an oil change with new tires all should be well....YEAH RIGHT!!!!

    Also how do I tell which model I have? I have been looking up parts and it say model m/n/p/r/ etc.etc.
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    Welcome to KatRiders! There is a WEALTH of information about your bike here on this website. The fuel leak is most likely nothing more than stuck float valves in the bowls of the carburetors. A good cleaning of the carbs should fix the leak, but with a bike that old it is never a bad idea to replace rubber lines or to clean out the gas tank. If the fuel was flowing out, it possibly got into the oil so an oil change is also a good idea. While you are looking at rubber lines, don't forget to check the brake lines as they get a lot of stress when you grab a hand full of lever.

    I can't remember about the model designation. I think that has to do with what year you have, but for the most part it doesn't matter as long as you stay pre-98 or post 98.



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      Awesome information. Thanks. Had not really thought about the brakes yet but thanks for scaring me... HAHAHA. I am more worried about the tires. it has been garage kept but still dont want to die becuase of a blow out. Had the front tire blow out once on my Kawi. Damn near died. Helmet and jacket saved me from serious injury.


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        some useful information:
        96-97 gsx600f is a unique bike. They are cross over years, from pre ( prior to 98) and post (98- on).
        they have specific parts only for those years. 90% electrical IE: Ignition box, hand controls, loom... there is more but I can’t remember all of it. K&L carb kits 4 (sold each) will be needed. Also idle jet plugs 4 ( sold each).
        download “carbs 101” and follow it to a T, then do it again. POR 15 works great for rusty tanks after the rust has been removed. Many ways to do that, as you will find here. Good luck and post up pics.
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          I have been away for quite some time, but thought I'd say hello to Fred, the Junkman, and Jimbo and everyone else. I've missed the forum, missed saying good morning to you guys, but I am fine. Playing guitar gigs all over southwestern Colorado, learned to forge knives, and have even sold a couple without trying. All groovy here. I don't ride anything but horses now, but that's a natural transition. Life's been good to me so far. Yep, stole that last line. Stay groovy, and ride safe. zuma

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            Also, if you have a fuel puddle under the bike, check that the petcock is working correctly. If not, rebuild kits are cheap (~$30) and there's a good write up on here (I think by Krey). Floats are likely the culprit, but fairly easy to test the petcock independently.
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