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92 600 no start but spark plus fuel

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  • 92 600 no start but spark plus fuel

    Need help I have a 92 katana 600 bored to 20 over extended swing arm wires were all chopped up and ignition. Is knocked out other then that it seems all in all good project only thing is cant get it to start it will fire off of the plugs and backfire but won't crank any help would be appreciated

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    Has the bike been running in your possession yet or did you just get it not running? The first thing would be to fix up the wires and the next step would be to probably clean the carbs following carbs 101also the plugs may be sparking but a new set would tell you if they were the issue
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      With the harness chopped, I would consider if the coils are wired correctly for signal and power.

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        Okay rewired again and its starting up sometimes with the electric push button other tines having to pull it off we pulled it and broke the chain now back to putting chain on and carb cleaning