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1990 gsx600f

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  • 1990 gsx600f

    ​​​​1990 gsx 600f

    So I have a couple questions.

    1. Where exactly is the air fuel screws? I know there on the front of the carb and that you need to either take them off to access it or find a 90 degree screw driver but I've looked/felt around for them and do not see them. Also what is the stock setting for the screws?

    2. The screw that is connected to the tube that runs to the center bottom of the carburetors is the idle screw correct? I would imagine you should put the fuel air mixture screws to stock settings before you mess with the idle screw?

    PS the bike runs it just boggs down for a minute and would die if I had the bike at high rpms and let the clutch out fast. Even if I pulled the clutch back in it would still die so I figured its running lean?

    Any help would be much appriated and pictures would be even better thanks!
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    Hey the fuel screws are on the bottom of your carbs more so on the side towards the back of your bike you may not be able to see them if they still have the plugs in them stock setting for the screws is 1.75 turns out but I would recommend starting at 2.5 turns out from a lightly seated position as the stock setting is a little lean ,you are correct the cable that runs out from the bottom middle is the idle adjust you can set it so it doesn't die but the idle won't be consistent until the carbs are set and synced correctly


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      OK thank you!


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        I think your looking at the butterfly adjustment screws look at picture 2 in this eBay ad. the place where the screw is is on the bottom inbetweem the 2 screws that hold the carb on the rail


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