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1990 gsx 600f carb issue

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  • 1990 gsx 600f carb issue

    So I have a 1990 Suzuki gsx 600f and it had the aftermarket K&N air filters and it would bog down when writing in first gear at a high RPM so I thought it might be getting too much air. So I put the stock airbox back on it and it wouldn't idle. Then I adjusted the fuel air screw in a couple turns to increase the fuel and it started to leak how does the mixture screw and no matter where I turn the screw it just drains gas out of the bottom of the carburetor. PS it never leaked with the K&N filters on and it idle just fine it would just bog down at high RPM

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    hey theres alot going on there first thing first though the individual air pods on the kats usually cause running issues ,flat spots in the rpm range. the second thing the fuel screw adds more the fuel the more it is turned out .the kats usually like to be around 2.5 out "with the stock airbox and stock airfilter this is important" from a lightly seated position on the fuel screws which brings me to the next thing do you know if there is a jet kit in the bike?if its runnning individual pods and is not jetted for it youll have issues .like wise if it is somehow jetted for the pods which it doesnt sound like it judging by your high rpm issues, it wouldnt run the way it should with the airbox on anyway . check and see if it has a jet kit and report back, pop the top off of one of your carbs and look to see if the needle has 5 or 6 grooves for the clip to go through 5 slots indicates factory pro 6 slots would be dynojet and 1 slot would indicate stock