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Greetings from Northern Finland

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  • Greetings from Northern Finland

    Hi all Kat drivers!

    I live in Northern Finland and just some weeks ago changed my -97 Honda Magna to -88 Katana 600. I was seeking for the manual and got it from this forum, so I decided to join in.

    My Kat's engine is from 2006 Katana 600 and driven just around 16 tkm and the rear spring is from 1995 Kat.

    So far I have:
    - replaced DID VX530 -chain+ JT-sprockets (121 )
    - replaced rear wheel bearings (24 )
    - replaced drive shaft bearings (35 )
    - made full overhaul for front forks (43 )
    - changed clear lenses for front signals (28 )

    Next steps are to change front break discs for slighly less used which I bought from Ebay (105 ) and overhaul front break calibers. Then I hope it is ready for summer.

    1988 Katana has some disadvantages as I have noticed, it has different type of front rim, break discs and dampers than any other model so it is harder to find parts for that.
    The dampers were very interesting since there was no threads on top cap, it just had to be pressed down a bit and remove the lock ring. This was not very clearly said even in the manual.

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    Welcome! Yeah, the '88 is an odd duck, bike was overhauled in '89. Carb parts I hear are a bit hard to come by I hear. Did you swap to the 06 carbs when you did the engine?
    1998 Katana 750
    1992 Katana 1100
    2006 Ninja 250

    2006 Katana 600 RIP - 130k miles


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      Thanks! The carbs are old '88. The previous owner had done the engine switch.