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Fuel issues

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  • Fuel issues

    I have a 91 katana 600 Looking to see If anyone has a picture of how the fuel lines hook up to carbs and tank.

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    Petcock has 2 outs. Carbs has 2 ins. Lower T between carbs 1-2 and 3-4. Upper Ts are vent lines. Those are located directly above the fuel inlets on the carbs. Those lines drape over the airbox and terminate unplugged at the bottom of the bike.

    Carb 4 (right side as sitting on it) will have a vacuum port on the side of it. That goes across the carbs to the back side of the petcock and plugs onto the vacuum port. Brass is fuel, aluminum port is the vacuum on the petcock.

    Prime flows fuel all times, don't leave on prime. use it for priming the carbs only after long sitting. Normally leave in the on position, vacuum petcock should only flow fuel in on or reserve when the engine is turning over and applying vacuum to the petcock.

    Tank will have 2-3 lines off it, also drape over the air box, and terminate to the bottom of the bike. They are drain lines.

    Airbox will have a line off the bottom of it. It should be plugged or crimped at the end when the bike is run. Unplug/uncrimp to drain any fluids that collect in the airbox. Fluid will collect normally from the crank case vent, or out of the norm when the carbs are leaking fuel past a float needle.

    Sorry, no quick access pic atm.

    93 750 Kat

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      Alright. So I have the fuel lines going to the petcock along with the vacuum line from carb 4. And as far as the other lines that are also coming up from carbs 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. If I take the tank off and look down on the lines, do the other lines from the carbs hook to anything? My issue is when I try to fire the bike all I get is a back fire. I cleaned the carbs, new plugs, and synced the carbs. But yet all I'm getting is a back fire. So I do not know where those other lines hook to or if that's even my issue. I'll try to get a pic of the lines tomorrow.


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        Are you sure that your coil leads are going to the correct cylinders? It sounds like something is out of time.


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          Ok so I finally got my bike started. Now, when I put in gear it stalls I even bypassed the kickstand sensor and made sure the clutch is actually working. So eith the clutch working and sensor bypassed, what am I missing now?