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Looking for a strong Start!!!!

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  • Looking for a strong Start!!!!

    Sup Guys!
    Names Frank. I own a 94 Kat 750, and a 02 intruder 1500. Love em both.
    So for the Kat.
    I picked this up last year for 500 bucks. Only has 24k on it. wasn't running when I got it, simple fix. Guy just had the firing order wrong on the Plugs.
    Now this bike is far far far from perfect. Spray painted black, no side covers, etc etc. But its a super fun toy, so im taking my time fixing it up as I go and riding it when I want to go zoom instead of cruise.
    Well, it wouldn't start this year. So I figured id rip the carbs out and give them a good cleaning in some press wash.
    I am no mechanic, but I am a diyer. The majority of stuff I do myself, ( all hail youtube ), and the more I learn, the less I have to pay someone else to do. And besides, I love to learn. Who doesn't.
    Theyre apart now. Needles are out, bowls are out etc etc. Its all stock. And some stuff was missing. Couple o rings on the vacuum seals under the top covers. Two Broken springs..( Carbs 1 and 3 ). Super super dirty.
    So, im looking for a detailed video and read guide for cleaning carbs. That's my first step.
    Second step is to possibly rejet. So im looking for information on that. Whats best to buy, where can I find some research, etc. I find a lot of videos, but it seems my bike is a rarish breed, and most of the things I find are for 98's and up.
    Im also looking for a place, or kit, or what have you, to replace whats missing in the carbs. Couple o ring gaskets, the two springs, etc.
    Any and all information and help is taken with wide open arms. Im a bit drained from scouring the internet and trying to dig through all the fluff for what im looking for.

    Thanx a mill!!

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    Not sure anyone has a vid on the pre kat carbs, but the full detailed pdf is avail... search carbs 101 here on the website.

    93 750 Kat

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      K&L makes card rebuild kits, but they won't have those springs. Don't think any kit will. Parts fiche at somewhere like will put you in the right direction though. For a jet kit, I'd recommend factory pro. Easy set up, decent enough instructions. Their website is absolutely terrible though....
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