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I'm back!!!!

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  • I'm back!!!!

    A little over 10 years ago I had a 1990 750 Katana. I had for a little over a year. I enjoyed it but found I was just not ready for it. Recently I found my self getting board with my triumph speedmaster and longing for something different to ride and missing my Katana. Well fate fell in my lap a friend was having a hard time selling a 1997 750 katana. At the time I couldn't afford his asking price. But as time passed he need out of his storage spot and I happen to have a large garage. A deal was made for me to store it for him for 6 months and I would give him half his asking price of 600 when tax season came around. So I payed $300 it needs a few things like front brake master rebuilt and a good carb rebuild. But it starts and runs and I am excited to be back on a katana again. I am going to set it up for sport touring and use it for my hour commute.

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    1990 750 katana
    2002 Honda rebel
    1995 Jeep YJ
    2003 Saturn Ion

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    Welcome back.

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