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Hiya Everyone! *waves*

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  • Hiya Everyone! *waves*

    Hey Everyone!

    My name is Kara and from Central Pennsylvania. Everyone just calls me either Char or Charlie whatever you prefer. I don't ride a bike as of yet, but come spring I'll be taking the MSF course. So take it easy on the Newb! I'm just a rookie. (For now... )

    As for what kind of bike I'd like to get, I'm actually looking into a CBR or Katana. Just not sure yet.

    Thank you to Matt (Need4Speed750) for directing me over to KatRiders!! I can't wait to get posting with you guys!

    I'm a whole lotta woman, but a whole lotta fun!

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    Hey Char!!

    Welcome aboard. 8)

    Good choice with the MSF... it's a blast!!! You'll love it.

    CBR or Kat huh..... tough choice! I love them both!!


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      welcome, im in pa too so if you get a bike we def need to go for a ride, im in indiana/ blairsvill so let me know ..and youll love it here ...your gonna have to buy a kat now !


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        Welcome to KR. The folks here are great & more than willing to share any info they have.


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          Hello CharlieMav nice to have join us and welcome to KR.
          I think you definately should get a Katana.
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            welcome to the boards char
            always working on mods


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              Hey I know you !!


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                Welcome to KR. Go for the Kat, I would, er..a.. I DID!!!

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                  Welcome to Katriders !
                  You can still hang with us if you buy a CBR (I have a kawi and they haven't booted me out yet
                  Start every day with a smile and get it over with - WC Fields


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                    Hey Char,

                    Welcome to KR, lots of great people here and if you have any question just ask....:P
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                      Hi, Charlie. I just got a Kat600 and now I undestand why some magazines consider this bike a great beginers bike.
                      This is an extract from Motorcyclist Magazine review on the Kat (april/03):
                      "... Its engine delivers totally linear power, which builds slowly and steadily yet contains no real spikes to scare off beginners. It's also exceedingly smooth, all the way to its 11,000-rpm redline."

                      Nothing against the CBR, but maybe there is too much power there. Welcome.


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                        welcome char

                        I am going to give you a warning, watch out for Sweetlou and cgstrong2002 they are lovers


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                          Welcome to KR
                          - Samuel

                          My 1988 Katana 600


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                            AWESOME, the more TopGun fans the better. Welcome!
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                              Hey Char,
                              Glad you found the Katriders. I think most around here will say get the Katana and not the CBR, and that includes me too. I will see you around on the forums. 8)
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