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  • So ,I'm in also

    Hey Beau!! Glad you're here, and spread the word about us . Well, whether its officially going to be called a replacement site or not, I guess depends on how you look at it. But it'll be here to stay, either way. We're trying to make it a compliment / additional place for Kat riders to hang assuming KP officially comes up to stay, we'll have 2 cool places to hang out and chat, and in the meantime, at least we got this place Jim has made and so far, it looking pretty sweet!

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    This is a whole new nothing at all to do with KP, we just wanted to retain that same homey feeling, and hopefully most of the good folks. It's Katana based, but other bikers are certainly welcome!

    Most of us started with or still own Katanas, and, well, some of us are kinda freaks about them! Just can't get enough of them, ya' know!?

    Glad to see ya here, my Canadian brother!
    I've owned over 70 Katanas - you think I know anything about them?
    Is there such a thing as TOO MANY BIKES?
    Can you go TOO FAST on a bike?
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      Big bad beautiful Beau buys bagals because Batgirl bought bread


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        Beau!! Our beautiful ball, how are you doing?! Glad to see you found us!

        What these guys have said is dead on. Katriders is not a "replacement" or a competitor to KP but rather a compliment. We are a seperate entity and will run that way but will gladly share links and info with KP anytime.

        When KP comes back up...and I do have faith that eventually it will return, I for one plan to be active there as always and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

        We are NOT attempting to be one of those other guys that gets all huffy and says "well fine then, we'll start our own place". KatRiders was formed to overcome the deafening silence that CI Host has evidentally caused for Todd. It was just time to make a place for everyone to land before the friendships that had been built over years of posting were lost to the vastness of the internet.
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          Thank you all for the warm welcome 8)