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    Due to the recent issues we've been having with the host ( and the general down turn in the economy... we (the owners of have determined it is time to very closey review how we operate the site, and how the site is paid for. Based on our discussions we have determined that we will be implementing a "Premium Subscription" to KR.

    Since Jimmy, Fred, and myself took over in 2007 we have been able to partner with sponsors to help defray the cost of maintaining the site, and keeping our software licenses up to date as well as providing services to our members and give-aways at the yearly rally. Due to the down turn in the economy, many of our past sponsors were not able to renew their advertising relationship with and we understand that financially times are hard right now.

    Because of the size, and rate of growth of we have outgrown what is known as "shared hosting." Shared hosting is a relatively inexpensive method of providing a website to your user base. Think of it as a time share condo. A bunch of people get together and use one physical resource. Well, because of the size and popularity of this site within our user base we are often using more than our fair share of the resources, and need to step up to the next level of hosting known as "VPS" or virtual private servers. In a VPS environment resources from a physical machine are logically portioned out. What that means, is that we essentially get our own processor, ram, and disk space... and will not effect or be effected by other websites.

    We feel this is the right choice for because it will provide our users (you) with a better overall delivery method. I have reached the point where it is not possible to fine tune the vBulletin package any further to reduce our usage of resources.

    The premium subscription package will DIRECTLY fund the cost to obtain and maintain hosting on the website, along with the few advertising dollars that remain.

    The reason we decided to pursue the subscription model is because it provides VERIFIABLE resources. Fund raisers and give-aways are one shot deals that you cannon rely on to provide future support.

    This subscription will be for one year, and would give you the following benefits (but not limited to):
    The ChatBox becomes a premium feature
    larger PM box (500)
    Larger avatar
    Special status note under your name
    Custom user titles

    The cost will be $20/yr.

    It will NOT affect access to ANY of the CORE information which always has been, and will continue to be FREE including ALL forums and the technical information in the wiki.

    After the transition to a new host has been completed, we may also offer a email address for those who are interested. Some of our members here running smaller businesses have indicated that they may have some freebies to toss in so there MAY be a raffle involved.

    The subscription process itself will be fairly painless, and mostly automated. When it's ready, there will be an option in your user control panel that says "increase my access." Payments are processed via paypal and the accesses (in most cases) are automatically provided. vBulletin itself maintains the subscription process, and notifies regarding renewals.

    Thank you for understanding and supporting this site.

    The Q&A thread is located here:

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