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    Please keep your signatures under 450x175 and under 160KB

    There are a lot of people who visit the forums who are on a dial-up and/or using 800x600 screens. Enormous signatures in either physical or file size make KatRiders a "No Fun" place to visit if every thread you open takes forever to load or you have to side scroll when it finally does because of giant sigs.

    If you have something that is really cool, but big, USE THE TECHNOLOGY! Put it in your allbum and make a THUMBNAIL or mini-banner for your signature and link it to the big picture. Please, express yourself, have fun and show off in your sigs but do it with tact and respect for ALL the members or we'll have to edit it for you.

    We don't always have the time to resize signatures which means they get deleted, sorry. If your signatures, profiles, posts, or any other aspect of your visit here get changed it is NEVER PERSONAL. These things are done with 3000+ members in mind from all walks of life. We must do what is good for the community as a whole. I hope that everyone will understand our reasoning for the restrictions.

    Thank you for making the best Suzuki Katana forum on the net!
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    If you choose to host your signature picture here on, the site should automatically resize the photo when you up load it.

    You can then use the following code to display it.

    PHP Code:

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    Don't forget to check the Wiki!