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Installing OEM decals tips needed

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  • Installing OEM decals tips needed

    Everybody seems to like no decals. I'm just the other way. I bought a new set of OEM decals for the right side and installed them yesterday. What a pain in the a** it was!
    Although it wasn't bad, I couldn't make it perfect. The top with the Katana word is not straight.
    I'm a perfectionist, so I'm going to spend other $120 on a new set and try to make it right this time.
    Anyone has done this before and can give me some tips on how to do it?

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    ensure the area you are applying to is clean and free of dust and grime - use a spray bottle and spray the area with water and place the decal in place where you want it - whilst the area is wet if it isnt perfect where you want it you should be able to push it in place - - using a dry cloth wipe the area dry - and using a credit card scrape over the decal outwards pushing out any water and air bubbles - this will leave the sticky bit of the decal able to stick to the fairing or area you stick it to - thats how i apply mine
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      Well I can't give you a definate answer to your problem because i'm "one of those" that doesn't have decals, but measure, measure, measure. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, and I installed L.E.D. rear turn signals and of course i wanted them straight. These went on the rear fairings and not the license plate bracket, so I wanted them to look proportional and straight. I measured, used sharpie, marked the outline of the lights, went back, measured some more, stepped back, took a look at it from all angles, measured again, THEN i drilled the holes in the fairings after i was sure I had them where I wanted. Then took the plunge and peeled the wax backing, and stuck them on there. Needless to say, It is time consuming if you're not in a rush, but you need that time to be sure you have it right.
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        Thats what I do to. Sometimes I use a little soap in the water very little. After you get it where you want and run over it with a credit card or bondo spreader let it sit and dry for the night at least.
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          just reading that reminds me of a post on a kawasaki forum where a guy let his friend install - i think it was a tail tidy
          anyway this guy didnt mark out or look where he was drilling and went straight through the cdi ignitor - he posted this pic with a nut straight through the cdi - even bolted it down and not known - he was asking why his bike no longer would fire up since installing the tidy- hahahaha
          so yeah - do make sure and take the time
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            Well, this was my first time with decals and I did not use water at all . I should have asked before ruining the first set. My bad. I've already ordered the second set.
            I hope using water will make it easier. Thanks for the replies.


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              grease pensil lines for references
              and a drop of dish washing soap in the water spray bottle!!

              the soapy water will allow a little slide time as long as you dont press the decals down first
              some guys will even spray the back of the decal depending on the size
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