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Long Distance Touring on a Kat 750

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  • Long Distance Touring on a Kat 750

    Hey all, I just returned from Austin, TX for the MotoGP race at COTA. From Knoxville, TN I rode a bit over 2,400 miles on my 2000 Katana 750. Late last year I took it to Key West. Although there are many other bikes out there that may be flashier and have more rider aids than the Katana I truly enjoy going on long trips on her.

    Does anyone else tour on their Katana? If so how far, how often, etc.

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    I like doing distance on my kat 750. Its a pretty capable all round bike really.
    2006 750


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      Sounds like a great trip. Take any pics?

      The Kats have one good thing going for them...a GREAT engine.


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        I find the Kat to be extremely comfortable and competent mount. She has been extremely reliable, never left me stranded, and taken me through all weather conditions - from blistering hot, torrential downpours, to slushy instates. Only those that have ridden a Kat know what an excellent value for the coin they truly are.
        2006 Katana 750 - Daily therapy
        2005 ZZR1200 - Weekend therapy


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          Did a lot on my 600. Did a couple 600+ mile days, ~10 500+ days, and a bunch of everything lower down. Once I swapped to a Corbin seat and 750 triple clamps for a slight raise, that bike was awesome for all day.
          1998 Katana 750
          1992 Katana 1100
          2006 Ninja 250

          2006 Katana 600 RIP - 130k miles


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            The longer wheelbase of the 750, the risers seem to fit most people better, and I've checked gas mileage several times and have always been 50+. I like the looks of some of the newer bikes but there is always a deal breaker for me. I hate the digital instrument pods. The Bandit 1250 might be a nice replacement but not sure I want the extra weight.
            2006 750


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              Stirling Ontario to Tampa & back in 8 days

              Just back from Florida! "McGuiver'd" a GPS holder from an old windshield. 3200 miles in 8 days, on my 750 Katana. Bit of a sore arse, but all is good! Stayed @ my brothers in Niagara Falls CA overnight 1st, then to Gainsville in 2 days! A bit too far on the way, so took 3 days on the return trip from Tampa. Used a distance runners Hydration pack to keep my fluids up on route, in a lunch bag that sat inside my tank bag. Note: Woods brand (hiking pack) cost less than 1/2 of that of one from the sports stores.