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2002 Touring Kat 600

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  • 2002 Touring Kat 600

    I will upload more pics later. I have done a few 1000-1200 mile rides, and this bike has been a work in progress. Now, I think I have a final product! I am heading out today on a 4 day, 1500 mile ride through Colorado. Mods Include:
    • Removed clip-ons, added touring bars
    • Home made tall touring windscreen
    • Hand guards
    • Bar weights
    • Tail case (Hyrukan-$20 used)
    • Large saddlebags (Used-$60)
    • Dual sport tires (Shinko 705)
    • Short levers
    • Throttle lock
    • Phone mount
    • Charging port

    Best budget touring bike ever! I picked up the bike for $2000 last year in showroom condition, all maintenance records with 6,000 miles on the clock, and then probably only $300 in parts for the touring mods I've done. Here is a time line of the work in progress, and wish me luck for the next 1500 trip!

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    Very Nice! I love touring/commuting on mine!


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      Nice set up, one thing I found that helped when the bike was loaded up for touring was a set of mirror extenders. And depending on how early/late into the season you plan on riding a set of heated grips would go great with those hand guards.